Losing Virginity to Professor

I lost my virginity to a college professor, who is 11 years older than me. I had been involved in oral s** (giving and receiving) before but never vaginal s**. I’ll be upfront and say that when we first met (I had once been a student in his class) I thought that he was married but found out that, he was divorced and that he has a son. On the first day of class, when he walked in, I was pleasantly surprised to realize how attractive he was, but I put that aside. I definitely had a crush on him mainly because of his intelligence, passion, and his enthusiasm for the topic but his looks helped.

I saw him around campus during the spring semester and we would have a friendly chat. I was starting grad. school that summer (taking summer classes). After the spring term (before summer classes started), I was at a restaurant alone. The professor came in alone. When he saw me, he came over and asked if I was there alone. I said that I was and he asked if he could join me. I obviously said yes. We ate together and chatted about our plans for the summer. Of course, there was some playful flirting. When we left, we chatted a little more in the parking lot. It was still early in the evening and since I wasn’t going to be in any other class he taught, he invited me to his house for drinks. I chatted with him about his area of interest because I was (still am) fascinated by his passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge. As the afternoon progressed into the evening and a few more drinks, we began to get a little flirtier with each other. We started kissing and fondling each other (hands all over each other, especially my 38B b****** and slowly moving towards my dampened panties). It wasn’t long before I noticed that he had an erection. He didn’t seem to be embarrassed and seemed to be relieved when I gave him a b******. By the sounds that I heard, he was definitely pleased. I knew that he wanted to go all the way and I was definitely ready and willing to lose my virginity to him. He watched as I slipped off my tank and black bra. As I straddled him, I took his hands and put them on my b****** (whispering in his ear that I was a virgin). He began caressing and kissing, making my nipples hard. He slid me back onto the couch and took off my shorts and panties (a black thong). He spread my legs and went down on me. I felt like exploding. Then he puts his wonderfully hard p**** inside of me. It didn’t hurt like I thought it would. He slowly began to move his p**** in and out of me and then began to go a little faster and deeper, which led to an o***** (wasn’t expecting it since it was my first time).

Over the course of the summer, we got together several times for s**. We never met on campus. Once school started back in the fall, we cut back on how frequently we saw each other but we did meet up every now and then for a romp in the sack. I never told anyone about having s** with him.

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  • I have read this so many times. I get so hard. I squirt a huge load whenever I read this.

    If you want to be my virgin student, I can be your professor. I'd love to be inside of you. I want you to have my c** inside of you. Oh God!!! I wish you could see my d*** now. It's massive. I'm about to have a massive load.

  • Wow!!

  • I think it's hot too, but it's hard to believe. Why didn't you ever have s** before? How in the h*** did you both meet a restaurant where you were both eating alone? I've done that before in airports and when I'm traveling, but never where I live. What were you drinking?
    Any other hot moments?

  • Didn't have s** before because I was a student in his class. After that we didn't see each other that much, but when we did, we did flirt a bit. I don't live in the same city as the college. I live about 20 minutes away, in the next city over. He lives in town. I was only at the restaurant because I enjoy the hamburgers, fries, and beer. I don't go there much because it is on the expensive side. The wine at his house...well, the only thing I can remember is that it was out of my price range. There were lots of other hot moments. Once, we did get caught having s** at a state park. His boss, the Dean of the Deptartment, walked up on us. He was with his wife and two teenage boys (14 and 18). The 18 year old had a difficult time walking after that; he had an erection. I bet he had a good night that night.

  • That is hot...just blew a load.

  • Thanks. That makes it all even sexier. Based on your description I bet he was thrilled to be your first.

  • Could you describe how you look? You mentioned your breast size. I'd like to know more about how you look.

  • My measurements are 38-28-38. I am 5 ft. tall, 120 pounds, hazel eyes, light skin color (think skin tone of the British/Irish/Scottish) and have long medium to dark blonde hair.

  • Thanks for sharing. Your confession is hot. I got an erection just from reading this.

  • I get excited when I think about it (my nipples get hard).

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