My neighbor

I've been sleeping with my neighbor.

A little bit of background: I’m Jay, 46, married to my wife Jess for 13 years (together for 16 years), have two boys, and live in the suburbs of New York City. We would be described as the all-American, white family.

I never thought I would be the type to cheat, let alone stupid enough to do it in my own home, but here I am. I feel incredibly guilty and horrible for doing this to Jess, but I don’t know how to stop. This started at the end of March; Jess had a big, time consuming project come up at work. She’s been putting in long days, working at home on the weekends, and spending relatively no time with the boys and myself. I was fine with her crazy hours for the first two weeks, but then it started to tell on her/us. She’s easily frustrated, always exhausted (which I understand) and the s** has stopped. I told myself it would just be for a short while, that my hand would keep me company in the meanwhile…

This is the time when my neighbor, Maria, started bringing her kids over in the evenings (when she found out Jess was working late everyday, she started bringing her kids for play dates every evening) before Jess or her husband came home from work. It’s not an excuse or even a reason for what I’m doing, but she’s an incredibly attractive Colombian woman. She’s 38, around 5’4 or 5’3 in height, in great shape, curvy in the right places, nice perky b******, beautifully tanned skin, dark hair and eyes, and a devilish grin. I really didn’t think she had any interest in me, I’m a typical looking, middle aged white guy…in good shape, slightly soft around the middle and starting to bald but take good care of my appearance.

After three weeks of her coming around everyday and us getting to know each other better, she made her move. We were standing around in my kitchen, just having coffee. For whatever stupid reason, I said I had needs as a man and they weren’t being met with Jess’s schedule. Maria put her cup down, came up to me, massaged my crotch with her right hand, licked then bit my bottom lip and asked if there was any way she could help. I completely stopped thinking with my brain and my p**** took over. I took her hand and we practically ran upstairs (I wasn’t even thinking about all our kids playing in my den). Once in my master bedroom, we were pawing at each other. Tearing each other’s clothes off, peeling our underwear off, kissing, collapsing on the bed and without thinking, we had s** with no protection. Given my excitement, it didn’t last very long. After I came inside her, reality started to set in and I felt the guilt start to creep in. Awkwardly, we both dressed and went back downstairs. The kids were so into their games, they hadn’t even noticed we weren’t around. She went home and I thought it wouldn’t happen again.

In bed that night, I couldn’t stop thinking about her lips on mine, the feel of her hard nipples against my chest, her soft legs wrapped around my waist, and her very wet/tight p**** around my p****. I kept telling myself it couldn’t happen again, wasn’t fair to Jess and that’s not the guy I want to be. I chalked it up to letting myself get caught up in a moment of weakness.

I’ll admit it; I’m weaker than I thought. Maria came over the next day and we spent an even longer time in bed and now it’s been going on for almost two months. I don’t know how to explain it other than we have a very intense, sexual connection. As horrible as it sounds, the deadlines for my wife’s projects keep getting pushed back and I hope they get pushed back some more. Jess isn’t working as late as she used to and she’s free on the weekends now, but it stills leaves plenty of time for Maria and me to have our fun at least three or four times a week. My kids and her kids are happy that they get to play almost every afternoon and we’re happy for the playtime we have together. It’s risky doing it in my house, but that’s half the excitement. I keep thinking the s** will fizzle out, but it’s just as intense as the first time. Neither one of us has intentions of leaving our spouses; we just want to keep having fun on the side.

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  • You should really go and book a hotel room or something, because the other posters are right- DO NOT GET KIDS INVOLVED, if they see it, for starters they could report you and her to someone like your wife or their father could find out of the child, because children are not stupid, they probably already know that their mother is a cheater and adultress, its only a matter of time before they dob you and her in, so i would watch out, your first wrong move was to be having s** in a family household, wrong and very unsmart move, other people would of booked a hotel room or somewhere far removed from family homes.....look, i dont support affairs, but i know that many marriages are very unhappy, so if it is an unhappy marriage you have, its not unusual or unheard of to have an affair, but at least you could of been intelligent about it.........

  • You know how I know this is BS.. A woman does not just grab a guys crotch.

  • Oh yes they do !!!! I have had more than one girl friend that did just that. and I really liked it. the other hot thing they did was at least half of the time was to reach over and grab my hand, lead me to the bed room, get on top of me and ef the heck out of me. I loved every minute of this.

  • Sounds very hot! I love hot latin women too! But doing this in your home is going to get you caught sooner or later. Either your kids are going to stumble on you and tell mommy "we saw daddy wrestling with mrs. Maria naked" or Jess will come home early unexpectedly. You need to find a way to do this somewhere else. I know how addictive affair s** is, so it will be hard to stop. GL

  • Yup, wrecking the neighbors c*** in your own bed with the kids in the house is a prescription for doom.

    I had a married Latino chick give me a b******* a long time ago. She slipped my d*** in her mouth and sucked it back and forth 3 times and I blew the back of her head out! Awesome. We later f***** and her kid walked in on us.

  • She sounds great at s** and if you have no emotional feelings for her keep banging her. She sounds like a great f***.

  • If you are enjoying it and it dont look like you two will get caught, keep it going

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