I’m a horrible wife

Since the start of COVID pandemic my family has had a really rough time. My husband of 23 years had lost his job and can’t find work. Our girls are in college and having to provide for themselves as we can’t afford to help them out any as good parents should. I’m still working for a medical supply warehouse in logistics. Our bills are getting the better of us since the governor stopped COVID unemployment checks we are so close to losing our home and only car. Most days we are lucky to get a meal to eat. I’m explaining all of this to you so you know the reason why I made the most horrible decision of my life. I slept with another man cheated on my husband for money. There is this guy who my husband has been friends with since middle school. In fact he is the same guy that helped me land my job 17 years ago. His name is Dean and he has always been a pervert he dates a new bimbo every week. He is harmless but a perv all the same. One day 2 weeks ago he made a comment out loud after thinking I had left the room “ That is definitely a $150 piece of ass right there” I said excuse me and he said he was sorry he thought I had left. I said nope I’m still here and jokingly said it would be at least $300 and it would be by the hour. We both laughed and he said he would gladly pay that at least for the first time and I laughed again but being uneasy about the conversation I told him on that note I’m leaving and said good bye. He knows I wouldn’t ever do anything to get him in trouble at work or with my husband. That night I get home from work and the mortgage company has sent us a note saying if we don’t come up with the last 3 months payments by the beginning of the month that they are going to start the eviction process. With what money we had and my complete check from work we were still going to be a little under $250 short. After worrying about it all night and half of the morning I decided to ask Dean if he meant it about the paying me for s** and if he wouldn’t say a thing about it either way to my husband. I know you are wondering why don’t we just ask him for a loan and the reason is last time dean loaned money to a friend of his it ended up causing a lot of problems and they quit being friends. Well after 2 I went to shipping and receiving and asked Dean if he would keep a secret for me and never tell my husband and made him promise even though he is a pervert and horn dog he is truthful. He agreed so I asked him if he would be serious about paying me $300 a hour for s** he said he would and we decided on a time to do the deed at his place when I would be for sure that my husband would be at an employment interview that night so instead of driving home I went to Deans house he let me take a shower before we started which I took a shower in his guest bathroom I don’t know why I asked to take a shower in there knowing that afterwards he would be seeing me naked when we have s** but I wasn’t thinking clearly. He took one in his bathroom. After I was done I wrapped myself in a towel and went to his room he was just getting out of the shower when I got in there. He didn’t see the need to cover himself with a towel I guess. This whole time I was really scared and nervous but I didn’t let it show the best I could. I kept a smile on my face and just kept going. I told him time starts now and his reply was that I should come over to him and start making his buddy nice and hard. So I walk over to Dean and start to get on my knees when he asks me to lose the towel I was in and I felt embarrassed here I was fixing to have s** for money and I was trying to be modest with my nakedness. So I took and let the towel drop to the floor and gave him a moment to look over my body before I went to my knees and started to give him a BJ. I took a moment to look over his parts too. He is about the same size as my husband a little bit hairier and his testicles are bigger other than that it looked like the same. As I sucked on his p**** my first thought was to get him off as fast I could and get it over with but I remembered that the service I was providing was by the hour so I did my best to just keep him hard and not go over the top. After 8 to 10 minutes of him pawing at my breast and playing with my nipples while I was giving a BJ he told me to get up on the bed and to lay on my back. I thought well this is going to be quick at least I will get half of the money. Dean added a little lube to his p**** and my who-ha because I was dry down there. I laid back and spread my legs and waited for Dean to enter me. He slowly worked his p**** inside of me until he was all the way inside. Dean started out at a slow pace and built up to a nice steady rhythm. I was so surprised at how fast my body started to except and enjoy the feeling of him inside me I could feel the pleasure growing inside me. I now know why all those young bimbos enjoyed being with this middle aged man. He gave me a nice o***** within fifteen minutes but at about at the twenty mark he was finishing himself inside of me and he rolled off me laid on his back. I thought it was over and went to get up and Dean asked where was I going I said to clean up he told me he wasn’t done yet that we still had time for another round. I couldn’t help but think that there was no way he could recover and do it again within 30 minutes but it is what he paid for. I laid back down and he got up and went to the foot of the bed and placed his head between my legs. Now I have only had my husband perform oral s** on me just a few times and while pleasurable it really never got me off. But what Dean was doing to me down there was driving me crazy with pleasure I was wiggling all over the bed pushing his head away but then turning around and pulling it to me. I don’t know how long he did this to me but he brought me off 2 more times using his mouth and tongue. He got back up between my legs placed himself back inside of me with very little effort and started using my body again but this time it was very different it was a mixture of raw sexual pleasure and sensual pleasure. He pleasured my body and made me feel intense o****** like I never have before. At the end he pounded himself into me with all his strength until he emptied himself into me. I laid on his bed for a few more minutes before getting up and waddling to his bathroom he didn’t stop me this time and took a nice warm shower. While in there I tried not to think about what I just did or what was done to me. I just concentrated on cleaning myself so I could go home and put this behind me. After my shower I dried off and remembered that I had left my clothes in the guest bathroom so I didn’t even bother wrapping myself in a towel this time. I walk out of his bedroom went to the guest bathroom got dressed and went back to his room were he was waiting on me. He thanked me for the great time and handed me 6 one hundred dollar bills. I kept my smile as I collected my money but I told him that it was too much we agreed on $300 a hour and he informed me we were just a few minutes short of 2 hours. I thanked him and left got in my car and drove to Walmart and parked in the almost empty parking lot and broke down crying the guilt humiliation fear had settled in and token over. How was I going to explain the money to my husband. Should I tell him the truth that his wife became a w****. Would he still love me and forgive me or will he divorced his horrible w**** wife. I thought about everything over and over again until I thought of a plan to deceive my husband and explain why I have been crying. When I got home I told my husband I sold an old broach my great grandmother left me. He told me how I didn’t need to do that. That we would have found a way to pay our bills some how. I told him that we had ran out of options and time was up so I did what I had to do. I gave him the money and he was surprised at the amount I had. I went to bed that night and had really horrid dreams. I got up and went to work worried about Dean acting differently at work but it was I who had to be reminded to not act differently by Dean and little by little life got back to normal at work. Thank you for letting me unload my burdens here. There is more that I haven’t said here but maybe I will later.

Dec 14

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  • First thanks for sharing! Took guts! I do not have any judgement. You took care of your family and did what you had to do. I know many will have an issue with my statement but their judgement is almost always hypocritical. “OMG I could never do that it’s horrible says the corrupt banker, car salesman, etc.” So don’t pay no mind to it. Now don’t you go unloading your burden one day on someone else. It was your action you need to move past it. I can assure you this you might be surprised by your husband and his fantasies. But that is a whole other topic. When I got married 1 of my dead serious statements was. “ If by chance in our marriage you have a fling not talking about affair stuff. Do not clear your conscious on me!! Do not!!” Possibly destroying everything over something that a barely recognized moment of time measures. Compared to all the crap that comes with marriage throughout the years is not worth it. “You mean if I cheated you wouldn’t want to know?” She said. Again women and mens minds are different. I didn’t say that.” Cheated” implies and affair or something that has been building up for it to happen. I said a non planned, non been building up, etc type fling. I am talking about out of know where and character event . I don’t care the reason. Whether to much alcohol whatever. Keep it to yourself and make it up to me if want in our future if need be. So this was one of the moments for you. Do not worry about the money exchanged. Why because you have known him he is not a stranger. So it’s no different than him giving you money that day and that night everyone at a party drinking way to much ordeals. You chose him over a stranger. Because he should have just helped you out. You know that! And 2nd he is the least possible threat towards your relationship. You will be fine. Again one day you might hear a fantasy come out of your husbands mouth that a huge majority of men have. 😜

  • Your such a sweetie for sharing this ❤️💋

  • Keep telling more details and apparently you have continued to have s** with your husband's friend.

  • Wow your good wife. BBC you enjoyed it. The condom part should of wear it! if he has anything you just shard with hubby what he has ! be smart.

  • As long as it was something YOU wanted to do and consensual, you are not a bad person or wife.
    I did something similar back in 2008 to save my husband's job.
    He's just started with a construction company making good money. After a few paychecks we'd began to get ahead. Then the economy tanked and there was rumors of a big layoff. My husband had just got hired and we knew he'd be one of the first to go. While my husband was in the shower, I got his foreman's phone number. I told him I'm willing to do anything. He told me he doesn't make the call on that, the project manager does. He also told me this was big and he might get cut.
    He agreed to an arrangement. The next week, I dropped the kids off at school and met up with the foreman at his house. We had s**. He didn't last long.
    The next day I met the project manager at the foreman's house for s**. He didn't want to wear a condom and even finished inside me. I was on BC and I can't complain, he was good and even brought me to climax.
    It's the only time I've ever done anything like that.
    My husband never got laid off and he's still with the company after 13 years.

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