Wife a good sport at the **.

I took my wife to a ** **. We have been there before just for fun. This time my wife wore a short skirt and a short zip up belly top. After we got set down at a table and watched a few dancers I suggested that she remove her **. She just laughed but didn’t remove them. Later she went to the bathroom and when she came back she had removed them but didn’t tell me. There were guys in front of us that I thought could see up her skirt. I reached over her and started pushing her skirt up to make it shorter. She pushed me away and said if you want it shorter just tell me. I said make it shorter. She gently pulled it up a little. I thought the guys could see her **. I said the guys in front of us are looking up your skirt. I said make it shorter. She pulled it up more. The guys in front reacted to her shorter skirt so I knew they were looking. After a few minutes of that I said lets make it real short. She said the guys will be able to see everything if it gets any shorter. I said let them see all the way up. She adjusted her skirt one more time and I knew they could see her ** now. I reached over and was going to rub her p**** through her ** and realized she had taken them off. She just looked at me and smiled. About that time a dancer came by and asked if I wanted a lap dance. I said no but my wife did. She stopped and looked at my wife and straddled my my in her chair. As she did this it pushed my wifes skirt up even more but she was paying more attention to the dancer than to the show the guys in front of us were getting. The dancer took her top off and was actually feeling my wifes ** on the outside of her top. My wife had never had a lap dance and was just smiling at what was happening. The dancer put her hand back and ran it up the inside of my wife’s leg. My wife opened her legs a little when she did that. The dancer went higher until she felt my wife’s smooth shaved p****. She said to my wife “** girl you got it going on”. She came back to my wifes ** and rubbing her hands over them she said “girlfriend you got some nice t*****”. My wife reached up and touched the dancers t******. She said thats not allowed but I guess since I’m touching yours its ok. My wife said fair is fair. The dancer said I’m glad you feel that way. She said you’ve been looking at my bare chest and I’ve been feeling yours and now that your feeling mine it only fair I get to see yours. She unzipped my wifes top and pulled it off her shoulders kind of pinning my wifes arms to her side. The dancer said ** girl you got some fine t******, you shouldn’t be covering them up. My wife just laughed and the dancer gently ran her hands over my wifes bare chest. My wife’s ** were standing at attention and the dancer was calling attention to my wifes t*** from the guys setting around us. My wife was laid back in her chair as the dancer and guys around us were enjoying both of their t***. The guys in front of us were getting a show as well. Even though my wife couldn’t see them, the way my wife was laid back my wifes legs were apart to keep her balance with the dancer in her lap and her p**** was in full view. The dancer on stage had finished her set and the DJ noticed my wife getting a lap dance so he had the spotlight shined on my wife. Everyone was cheering and laughing and whistling with everything my wife was showing in the bright light. Then the light went off and the dancer on my wifes lap had to go on stage. As she got off my wifes lap my wife zipped her top back up and realized the guys in front had a special view with her skirt not covering anything. She pulled her skirt down but not all the way down. The guy’s booed her for pulling it down. She laughed and pulled it back up. Not as short as it was but pretty short. My wife said is this ok are you seeing what you want? The guys gave her a thumbs up and she left it short enough they could see all the way up. We had another drink and then left. On the way home we laughed and my wife said well that was a first. I said I didn’t expect her to open your top. She laughed and said neither did she. She said the lap dance was fun and she had never had one before. She said I was amazed that she was comfortable taking her top off and she has nice **. My wife said she didn’t mind looking at her ** and when she unzipped my top and my chest was out there for everyone to see she felt like part of the entertainment. She said she had to brace herself because she didn’t want to fall out of the chair. She said it didn’t occur to her that by bracing herself with her legs the way she did ghat the guys in front had a clear view of her without her **. When we got home I sat her in a chair and unzipped her top like the dancer did and pushed her skirt up the way it was and opened her legs the way they were at the club and took a picture of her so she could see what they saw at the club. She said OMG the guys in front sure got a show. She laughed and said when we are old we can have fun telling this story. She wasn’t mad and was a good sport about everything. We have gone back to the club several times and have become friends with the lap dancer from that night. My wife has never shown her t*** again even though her lap dancer friend has tried to get her to. She does however wear short dresses and skirts without ** when we go. When she catches guys looking up her skirt she laughs and says let me know if it needs to be shorter. Most are embarrassed that they got caught looking and don’t say anything. Some have taken her up on her offer and she will pull it up and say tell me when to stop. It has gotten pretty short at times. Once they kept saying keep going and she did until her p**** was in plain view. She laughed and left it that way for a bit and then said I got to cover a little or I’ll get thrown out of here. They gave her frowny faces and she said you’ve got 1 minute and I have to pull it down a little. Then she opened her legs to give them clear view of her pretty p**** and pulled it down just a little. I asked her if she enjoyed doing that and she said I’m never getting up on stage and she knows guys go there to see naked women. She said if they have the nerve to ask her to shorten her outfit to see her basically naked from the waist down she didn’t mind showing them. She said it gave her a little thrill to let them see her bare p**** and she liked sitting and knowing guys were admiring her and liked watching where their eyes were going. She said and I got the benefit when we get home. We both laughed. I told her if it were possible for her to take her clothes off and just set there naked and let guys enjoy her body I was game for that. She laughed and said she would talk to her dancer friend and see if they would let her do that. She said she wasn’t getting on stage but she could get a thrill out of setting there naked especially if it was a night where it was crowded. We haven’t done that yet but at least she is thinking about it.

Mar 4

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