I didn't think this was unusual for the longest time

I'm a 17 year old girl with an above average IQ (130-135), but still somehow managed to miss the fact that some of my thought processes were odd (damn you, social awkwardness!)

I get bored, and I daydream. When I was little, I'd daydream that I was an animal (cheetah/giraffe/hippogriff/albatross/wolf/etc). For a while now, though, I've daydreamed about how I would kill some hypothetical person. I take into account habits of the made-up person (scuba diving, driving alone, drug use, suicidal tendencies, etc), victim specs (tall/short, heavy/light, shape, intelligence, and so on), motive (degrees of punishment, need for removal, etc), setting (Florida summer, out at sea, spring in Mexico, Australia, monsoon season, whatever), and all the specifics. It can be very detailed.

I also daydream about creative ways to booby-trap a house, and what mechanisms would be necessary for it to work.

I sometimes plot out both in detail, but it's just mentally. And usually the beginning of the train of thought is unintentional, sometimes unavoidable. I'd never ACTUALLY do any of what I think of.

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  • may the power of christ compel you

  • This seems very common, or at least I hope so since I'm another who has these sort of wishes and fantasies. I'd repeatedly make plans to do this big school massacre because I hated everyone there. Since I left school it's like "hmm, if I could be a serial killer how would I kill and dispose of the body? Would I leave a signature?" etc etc. Yeah. A lot of people have things like this.

  • I too day dream of killing people (raping a few, but never violent rapes), but of course I would never do such things - Now I don't think about such things so much.

    I think it's normal as long as you don't obsesse over these things - as long as there's balance to your thoughts.

    I like what the above poster said.

  • Nothing unusual going on here. You're simply using your intelligence in a creative way. Think about Stephen King and whether his seemingly twisted mind is disturbed or brilliant. Keep dreaming, girl.

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