Can men love?

Can heterosexual men fall in love? Not lying-to-get-laid-love, or, I-love-you-but-I-also-love-other-girls-love or I-love-you-but-you're-a-woman-and-therefore-inferior-love, or I-love-you-and-must-dominate-you-love, but actual love? Does that ever happen?

I'm not a troll. I have Asperger's; this is a real question. I have never heard of a man really being in love and I want to know if it can happen. I'm talking about a guy who never pressured anyone to have s** or quit their job or prentend to be stupid or cheat on him or get a tattoo or cut their hair or learn a new sport or do the cooking and cleaning or change the very core of their soul or wear her hair in braids or have a baby. Someone who would never cheated on or beat or humiliated or terrified or intimidated or threatened (including but not limited to horrifying shouting and throwing objects) or...just, someone who acts like someone who's supposed to be in love.

Can a man love a woman for exactly what she is? Really love her? I've never seen it in real life. I want to know if it really exists. All the comedians say it doesn't and that men hate women because they are so emotional.

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  • Yes, it happens. You just don't hear about it, for a couple of reasons:

    - It's a quieter and more respectful relationship, and therefore not so exciting to the lowbrow herd. That group includes both rich and poor, it isn't an economics thing. If there isn't drama, abuse and/or lots of high-profile s** at least being hinted at, love is considered "boring" by these incompetents.

    - The herd animals that think love entails all of the above can't comprehend the pure version, so go immediately into freak-out mode and deride the male in true love as a pu$$y (while being massively insecure)

    - A man in love like this is joyful about it, but doesn't need to screech it from the rooftops. By its very nature, it's the opposite of drama; when you find it, it's as natural as breathing. Do you see people running around screaming "look at me, I'm breathing"? That would be pretty fvcking dumb. Almost too dumb for the lowbrow herd, but with that bar getting lower all the time, it'll probably happen at some point.

    Now watch as this is either ignored or ridiculed by mouth-breathing yahoos who can just barely understand on some level that this is real talk...

    17 Happy Years and Counting

  • I am in true love and am a heterosexual male. I believe that one (male or female) should be able to love themselves first and then they will fall in love with some one.

  • ^Lol, I'm not sure I loved myself before meeting the lady of my life, but I guess I came close enough. It's definitely a factor!

  • Also, I live in a very small town. All the straight couples in my town are unhappy and kind of violently abusive. My friends tell me things about the world and I believe them because I trust them to tell me the truth, but I recently learned that people don't like to tell the truth. I want to know if my dad loved my mom, or if he was evil like all the other dads.

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