Evil Islam

In my hometown, a Muslim woman in traditional Arab dress was shot in the head by a passing car. When they found her, her corpse was holding the screaming infant who had been in her arms when she died. When I asked my Muslim friend why she didn't wear a veil, she told me this story and showed me the article. Tell me, who's the terrorist here?

Dec 30, 2010

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  • Just my opinion, but Muslim women should stop covering their heads, bodies etc. in that goofy stuff, because it is demeaning. It's demeaning by its very existence. It has nothing to do with religion it has to do with the male being the dominant force in the their world. And those males are real pieces of s***, for the most part. They get so immersed in whatever extreme interpretations of their religion they choose to follow that they act like violent, intolerant, hypocritical, sexist, brainwashed a****. When I see a fully covered woman I think she's a read dumbass for putting up with that s***. She's sacrificed herself for some mumbo-jumbo religion. Sure, other religions do their own versions of slavic servitude, but this one is the real doozie. All that said, attacking someone for wearing the "I am a piece of s***" garb is wrong, wrong, wrong. If they bother you so much take some satisfaction in the fact they have sacrificed their dignity, self-respect and identities. Plus, they'll probably end up being stoned to death some day anyway for reading a book or something. F***. Religion of Peace of S***.

  • Engagement rings. High heeled shoes. Nylon stalkings. Jewlery. Skirts. Make-up. All these cultural icons are in our world becahause of male's dominion over women, you just have no idea why. Did you know that the high heeled shoe was invented during a time when b********* fetishism was popular in underground circles, and that the high heel was meant to make a woman's ankle look like a horse's hoof? Don't you think it's odd that you have to give a woman an expensive piece of jewelery in order for her to marry you? Did you know the desire for YOUNGER looking skin, the desire to look like or have s** with a teenager, is a sexual paraphilia known as ephebephilia? Does anybody deserve to die because of these facts? Maybe, but it's not the f****** women. F***.

  • I love how everyone is talking about Islam but not about the fact that the news media is making Americans increasingly violent against Muslims, making them afraid to practice their own religion and therefore violiating not only their constitutional rights but their rights as human beings.

  • That tends to happen when you have people plotting evil acts of terrorism against you and those people are motivated by some warped perspective on their so-called religion. That religion becomes synonymous with that evil, right or wrong. The mainstream media, if anything, in its ultra sensitivity, downplays a religious connection to terrorist acts until hard facts force the issue. But these increasing acts of violence against Muslims, where exactly are they taking place? I hear of isolated instances of hate speech but rarely actual violence in this country, beyond the norm for our somewhat violent society. As far as the rant about high heels and such, the difference is women are making a choice about what to wear and their motivations for doing so are probably varied. But they could, if they want, eschew all that and wear jeans and a flannel shirt, which many women do. In many Muslim countries women are FORCED to cover themselves. Primitive, degrading, controlling and no choice.

  • And that obviously means we should shoot all the Muslim women in America.

  • In Jordan a Muslim woman was shot in the head for marrying the person her family did not like.

  • Where did this happen?

  • Does she get 72 virgins like the crazy motherefuckers who strap bombs on themeselves and murder innocent people?

  • The crazy m************ who strap bombs onto themselves get 72 GRAPES. It's a mistranslaton. And the Japanese invented suicide bombing.

  • 72 grapes! What a f****** rip off lame.

  • Too bad they missed the future terrorist.

  • A terrorist is someone who uses fear to control behavior. The Animal Liberation Front are considered terrorists, and they blow up *empty buildings*!

    I think someone who launches a campaign against x group of people in order to make them social pariahs can be considered terrorists too, because they are making x group of people afriad to express their beliefs in public. Someone who kills someone else just for wearing religious dress can definately be considered a terrorist.

  • Sorry about the double post. There was an error message and I thought the first hadn't been posted. Don't hate me for it.

  • Was it established that this was a hate crime? Was she shot because she was wearing the traditional dress? If so, then I suppose you could call her killer a terrorist, though murderer would seem more appropriate. Terrorists tend to do things that target large groups of innocent people. Like planting a bomb in a crowded marketplace, or hijacking a plane and flying it into a building. Though Timothy McVeigh was a white, American-grown terrorist, most often we associate the term with Muslim fundamentalists who hate our culture, our support of Israel and our military power. Terrorists and murderers are both very bad.

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