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OH GOD, I STILL HAVE A CRUSH ON BRITNEY SPEARS. I saw her in that pepsi commercial and since then it was like... ohhh godddd britney spearsssss. I mean this is considered normal. Or at least it used to be. Does anyone still think she's hot as f***? I wonder if it's normal to have a very lengthy crush on a celebrity. Probably. But I mean, I've NEVER told anyone of this, even though it's fairly normal, but mostly 'cause everyone thinks she's some crazy s***. Like when she went through that head-shaving period I made fun of her with everyone else. But deep down I was like "NOOO BRITNEY NOOOO" haha. Oh man, why can't I get over this. Seriously, it's been years. I'm eighteen. I need to let this s*** go. F*** SHE IS SO HOT, F***. Lady Gaga is ugly as h***, though. Honestly I don't care about celebrities. Just Britney. Oh f*** my stupidity.

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  • I would let Brittany spears knock me around. H*** yea. The fact that she went crazy + has a bunch of kids just makes her sexier to me. I love hot, crazy women with established lives and career paths.

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