Im constantly depressed, and i dont know what to do anymore. i feel alone, worthless, and ugly. i cry when i am. my friends keep telling me it will get better, but its been 4 years now. I always feel stupid, and like nobody wants me. help..?

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  • Dont lok lik its going 2 get better u need 2 do something about it if u feel ugly and stupid maybe u are ugly and stupid try to change

  • :( same

  • if its been 4 years already you should know that know one weill or can help you. that is the sad ugly reality about depression. you will not get better unless you want to feel better. i was deadly depressed for 6 months not happy now but atleast shower and try t get on. i remember that i refused to believe i wanted o feel like this but in a way i was punishing myself coz i felt guilt. this is what i did i protended i was happy coz all my friends were giving up after protending you realise that you feel better

  • Consider that you are never alone. Depression affects millions of people in this country and we feel like that every day. I've found it helps to have a pet. I have days where I feel terrible like nobody likes me or gives a damn but when I come home at the end of the day and my dog runs up to me smiling with his tail wagging I know he loves me and cares dearly for me. Have a nice day and remember, somebody loves you, you may have just not found them yet.

  • It's been 4 years now...hmm. Since what? A disfiguring accident? A breakup?

    I think that everyone secretly feels the way you do. They're just better at hiding it. I like people like you, though (that is, people who are bad at hiding it). There's a realness there, though I think that you should lose the depression part. Instead, you should learn to laugh at being lonely, ugly and worthless. Make fun of yourself. Then you will have people who actually like to be around you. As of now, they are just your friends because it's the right thing to do.

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