Looping Urge

I get the urge to kill randomly, out of the blue. Not from emotion, or targeting anyone in particular. Just a creeping, macabre influence that lasts for varying amounts of time, before fading.It never quite disappears, only lulls, hiding way down where I can't feel it but know it's there.When I least expect it, it seeps back.I don't know from whence it comes, or why.

I know it is dangerous. I know it is unhealthy.For those reasons, I realize it would be wise to try to get rid of the inclination, but I can't seem to shake it- not completely. I can control myself, and what I do, but not the impulses themselves.



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  • I only want to kill people driving in front of me in my way.

    You know what you should do. Telling people here will not make it better. Schedule a doctors appointment.

    You can take out your anger on my neighbors dog till your appointment!

    Please??? It will not shutup!

  • Yea, the devil is on your trail. He won't stop to he gets you if you don't give God your life. Please do go straight to God in the name of His Son Jesus and ask Him to come into you and save you from the destruction your headed for. He will I promise. Then you will have the power to tell the devil audibly to get away from you in the name of Jesus. He will. But He will return so you so you have to pray every day. Better to do that than wind up a serial killer headed for eternal damnation. Just believe He will do the rest.

  • Yeah. Me too. I almost killed my pet because of it, haha... I guess it's not funny but as long as you don't act on it it's a-ok! Really I don't even know what to f****** say, since I have no solution for it either. It's nice to know I'm not the only one. Tell me if you find something that works.

  • Please talk to a Bible-believing pastor about this - this is a worrisome development that could overtake you if you are not careful - I suggest you call the 700 club or other Christian ministry, and find out how to deal with this. Don't delay - you can remain anonymous when you talk with these ministries - just indicate that is what you want.

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