Broken friendship..leave me alone?!

I used to be quite close to this girl. best friends , i guess. only for about 7 months, and then it all changed. i don't know why but she just started *annoying* me.. she would constantly ask if i was 'okay' and touch my hair or arm and say, 'are you SURE your okay? sure?'. it just creeped me out y'know? so i just started to spend less and less time with her, hanging out with different people, and now, god. it's so awkward. she literally has no-one else. i'm not exaggerating here, she only has about one friend in our year at school, not even in our form, so its not even like she can hang out with her. but of course, this girl is still in my form. on her own. all the time. she tries to hang on to other peoples friendship groups - but too tell the truth, i know they dont want her there. i've heard them say it often enough.
i often catch her staring at me, and she tries to talk to me but i just can't bring myself to reply. i just cant be her friend after all thats happened. she just freaks me out now. but i still feel guilty. because of course, she has no one else to go with, she constantly stays off school pretending to be 'sick' of course she isn't! she has the perfect family life though.
i just dont know what to do - or, if in fact i should do anything?! grrrr.
i've moved on with my life...she just can't move on with hers.

*p.s. i know how bitchy this makes me sound. but i just had to let it all out. advice?*

Jan 26, 2011

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