i think the person who makes nasty

i think the person who makes nasty comments gets a cheap thrill. i mean it's easy to call people c**** and such but it's sad honestly. i mean no matter what their age it's sad to see someone who acts like that even if it's just to get the online thrill. it makes me wonder how they handled getting through life because it's obvious it's not complete because they get a rush making REAL REAL, and i mean REAL, cheap comments online.

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  • Putrid b****, c***, w****, piece of s***, ass face, c*** smasher, s*** eater, f*****, b****, mother f*****... =)

    hows that?

  • I meant "probably mistreated". Thx.

  • I agree. As you allude to, it's amazing they get through life. But that's the thing. I feel sorry for those who make cheap or stupid or insensitive comments. Some thing happened to them. I believe that when people are loved, they pass on love. The same goes with being treated with kindness, generosity, sensitivity, and other virtures. You'll naturally learn it and pass it on.

    So people who say "c_nt" and other callous remarks were properly mistreated growing up. I don't condone their remarks but I do feel sorry for them.

  • AMEN!

  • c***

  • You're Right.

  • C***

  • thank you.

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