My boyfriend

I think my boyfriends stretchmarks are attractive. It shows he's not perfect: he's human.

I have my own scars, and he has his... it's perfect.

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  • My female business group friend and FWB has a little stretch mark where she had her c-section years ago. She's a slender, fit, hot blonde, and that little line is just so sexy on her..She hates it, but I've tasted it several times..

  • Thats so cute!

  • One of my favorite things about my ex's body were his stretch marks. I literally thought they were sexy and just so unique and beautiful. It reminded me that he is human and imperfect too... and i found that attractive.

  • I'm glad someone feels the same as I do! :3

  • Stretchmarks? What, did he have a baby? That's not only perfect it's exceptional.

  • Nope, he's just overweight, smartarse x).
    And I have scars for different reasons.

  • Which nobody wanted to know more about, much to your disappointment. So sad.

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