I always tried to be the perfect daughter for my father. I tried to smart, skinny, popular. Today I realised I couldn't be the perfect daughter because he never wanted one.

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  • I was the perfect daughter for my father. That was till I got too old for his liking. He moved on to my younger sister. I felt hurt at first but I somehow knew this day would come. I could so burn down this whole house he's made. I took over after our mother died and for all practical purposes became his wife and still am. He just no longer has relations with me. I love my father so much but I have to stop him from destroying my sisters chance at happiness like he did to mine. He is well known in the community and people won't believe me but it's true.

  • Perhaps you're trying too hard. Just go out and do fun things together.

  • Same here, except I was never skinny (enough) or popular. Imagine not being wanted by your father simply for having girl bits AND being bullied nearly every day at school for years.

    I could include much more detail, but I'm sure you're already at DefCon 5 because this comment is other than worshipful of you and your "unique" situation.

  • My mom wanted the perfect daughter. I tried hard. Actually not realising for years she was just projecting her narc self. I actually went along with it right through high school and into college. I was also I guess trying to succeed and academically smart but not able to see what she was doing was wrong. Like she chose my clothes until after highschool. If we went shopping together, which I liked actually but she would choose. Every afternoon when I came home from school, the clothes I was to wear were laid out on the bed. But I had no say in anything. Any questioning. Any suggestion that I was not the obedient daughter was met with the rod of correction. The can. Insanely painful and totally scary. Showing off my body was one of her ways. Like too short skimpy skirts and dresses. From when we were little we would often visit friends that were about an hours drive away and I would sleep in the car on the way home but I would have to change into my nightie and put on a pullup diaper at the friends house before we left. I think the diapers were stopped about 12 but I still had to change into the skimpy nightie even at 15. So embarrassing and she was loving it

  • And weighing me every day and putting the weight on a chart. If I even looked at an ice cream at the mall she would tut tut

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