Why not grow?

I'm not perfect, but what I want is. I'd rather be nothing, complimented with perfect misery.

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  • She wants people to be envious of her and I am not. I don't like their controlling and bullying stupidity. I just don't like them.

    I have different goals and dreams now. please stop stalking us. stop abusing our family. I am actually not envious of a criminal sick loser who steals others dreams and attacks and abuses everyone and someone who has no morals.

    f*** off nig dog.

    your promises are lies. you are a liar and your gonna come down. all of you will come down. you have sadism in you expecting others to be envious of you.

    I don't want to look like you and you have no right getting my mother who is a old 70 year old trying to copy my clothing styles when I am younger and deserve more love then her. she has had enough love and its my time now and I expect you dogface muggies to respect that its my time now to be loved by someone else and I don't like you and never want to be anything like you. stop abusing my family nigdog!

    i am not caitlyn and stop abusing me or I will call police and tell my doctor and dob on you abusing me. f*** off. no one wants to see you

    get off the tv and stop pushing yourself on others who don't want to know about you.

    you didn't want to see others loved and working earning we don't want to know about you either.

  • 8===========D~~~~

  • Got goth?

  • You make me grow.

  • I'm confused

  • Yes I am

  • You are too cool

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