I don't believe in God and I don't give two s**** if you do so f*** off!

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  • Would you give 3 s**** ? 💩💩💩

  • I f****** love this post.

  • You misspelled "atheist".

  • You don't believe in spelling either, although you do a better job of it when you respond to your own post.

  • You obviously do care otherwise you wouldn't be posting it on this website. Is it to make yourself feel better about what you beleive in? Cause honestly we really don't care about what you think you are your own person, your still going to h*** however enjoy the heat down there.

  • in the end EVERY KNEE WILL BOW DOWN TO MY FATHER! YOU HAVE DENIED HIS NAME AND YOU WILL NOT LIVE IN HIS KINGDOM! when your lying in a ditch clinging to life and suffering beyond all h*** you will f****** wish you had a god to hear your prayers!

  • Ditches are usually constructed for irrigation. I wasn't aware h*** had ditches.

  • I'm an Atheist too. But it's not a secret true confession. Everybody knows it. Kids in school used to treat me like a monster for admitting it. Now there are lots of Atheists and we're winning court battles. You would like Atheist Nexus and the ACLU news letter and Church of the FSM. Look them up. You'll see what I mean.

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