What do i do?!

Ok im 17 year old girl and im 5 1" and weigh 92 pounds and i think im fat. i know im not but when i look in the mirror and get disgusted and i honestly wish i had the guts to be anorexic but i dont. i know alot of girls struggle with this and its nothing new. i just wish i could be comfy in my own body but its hard. i wish food never existed.

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  • Ur not fat ur normal its normal 4 young girls to worry about their looks lots of guys love curves but lots young girls think they have to b scelotens im sure ur beautiful

  • Participate in exercise pursuits,that you enjoy or would enjoy,if you embarked on them :) The endorphins from exercising regularly,will improve your confidence and change the way,you view your body.Remember,you're still developing from a teenager,into a woman.So biologically and psychologically,you're still changing and growing.Don't be too h****** yourself :) Learn to love yourself,by embarking on body confident pursuits/interests x

  • I am also struggling with a body image disorder and an currently in remission from an eating disorder. We need to be strong for each other. People who do not suffer this will not understand us. But I also need you to know you are beautiful and what we are doing is not healthy or right and that we need to fight this fight and one day we will come out victorious.

  • I don't know if this is what you have but there is this disorder called BDD (body dysmorphic disorder) and it's a psychological problem where you obsess over your looks and may actually think you look a certain way when in reality you don't.

  • Do you have the willpower to begin an exercise routine? I usually exercise to my favorite albums and do a different exercise for each song. It's fun and a healthy alternative to anorexia. It will tone your body and elevate your mood. I highly recommend it. Just remember it is better to be healthy; your body will thank you for it in the long run.

  • thanks and im in track so i exercise everyday =p

  • I competely understand. I'm 19 4'11 and 85lbs. I work out constantly and rarely eat, and my body will never be good enough for me. I come from an overweight family and I'm terrified of being fat.

  • Wil u al stop worrying we guys love soft girly flesh and curves very sexy

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