I miss my ex

My ex boyfriend left me because he thought I was a psycho b****, who only cared to be f***** and i miss him so much and i always have erotic dreams about him nowadays. He used to hit it so good and i don't know if i will ever move on....

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  • You may be a sycho b**** you gave your p**** away to easy , there was no love , just a good f*** , sounds like your immature . Make him earn it , do not give it away , make sure you have a real relationship before you f*** him . If it is too easy , your nothing but a s*** and not worth having . If a girl gives me p**** that easy , then she will give it to everyone that easy, she will cheat , she is a stupid b**** not worth my love. I do not want a s***, I want a mature girl or woman to return my love . Easy s** means stupid brains , same old story . If I find out she has s** with other guys , I am gone in a heart beat , no good guy will keep a s*** very long , they are too stupid and act like open legs w**** .

  • .....sometimes...........a b**** just need a beating.

  • If you still care about him, it would be worth having a conversation with him about the possibility of resuming the relationship, not one where you beg (because that's far beneath someone like you, with so many other options), but one where the two of you just talk calmly about whether or not it could work. It can't hurt to try.

  • I'm really sorry that you are having to deal with this situation, especially here at the beginning of the holidays. I'll say, in hopes of your finding it supportive, that if you have such deep feelings for him, and if your sensitivity produces such a sense of loss, that your boyfriend must have misunderstood you completely and perhaps never actually tried to understand you. It's hard to interpret the kind of sensitivity you've indicated here as psychosis, so I think he was only interested in the incredible s** that the two of you appear to have been having, and when it appeared to him that you were interested in more, he couldn't give it (either because he was unwilling or unable to give it) and so he left. For what it's worth, I offer two thoughts: (1) my instinct is that, at a minimum, you are AMAZINGLY good at s**, and so you won't be without a boyfriend for much longer, and (2) the next guy you date will be soooooo much better than the guy last guy you dated that you won't even be able to remember the last guy's name. You seem like a real catch, and probably are serious marriage material, and you need to start thinking of yourself that way, and NOT in the way that what's-his-name thought of you. Be well.

  • Can i hit it??

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