I wish I had an eating disorder.

I wish I had an eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia because I hate how I look. I'm 5'6 and 133lbs. I hate the fact I have to suck it in and can't wear skin-tight tees. :(

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  • Yeah, well, I wish I had one too. I get that it is a mental health issue and can kill you and the disorder can also cause you to develop some other health issues. But I don't really care about being healthy? Will it make me skinny? Yeah? I'm sold. I don't care about the other stuff? I'm 5'6", 260 lbs. Yeah, I weigh twice as much as a regular person. Yeah, I've been bullied all my life for it. I have no friends, no family. I only leave my house to go to work and grocery shopping because if I can't stand looking at myself, why should I punish other people by forcing them to look at me? I even take out the trash in the middle of the night. So, yeah, as long as the end result is me being a size XXS, I'm good.

  • This is a healthy weight

  • Im actually p***** of that you want to have an eating disorder. I used to have an eating disorder & to this day i still struggle with it. not only does is destroy your body, but your education, friends, family, hobbies, h*** even walking to the bathroom because you can't breathe. i went to a treatment center for 5 months & it was s***. don't ever say that again because having an eating disorder can & could kill you

  • This is unfair, feeling overweight is an eating disorder too just of a different type. We should work together to combat these feelings because both ends of the spectrum are unhealthy and damaging.

  • Healthy diet and excercise consistently and you'll reach ur goal in time.......don't accept that ur fat because u can change that anorexic is just as gross looking as obese healthy is sexy

  • Don't do that to yourself, i hate myself for having one but i cant stop. and i can't talk to anyone about it.

  • Do you want to know something? It feels horrible to have an eating disorder. You can loose everything once it started, your friends, yourself, your life. And the worst part is knowing to have it, to know that you are currently starving because of some sick thought of you. But you can't help and go on.
    And no one will even try to help you. You will never go to them to tell them that you have a problem as they won't get to you to stop you.

    Do you want to know something? Having an eating disorder just feels like slowly torturing yourself to death. Please, think twice about what you wish...

  • the person who left the first comment is wrong, the first two days without eating is the hardest???? try not eating a real meal in three years without puking, does that seem fun?? probably the worst thing that anyone could go through ever!!! My advice....talk to someone, (i wish i could) and be healthy. and LIVE because living with an eating disorder is not really living at all.

  • trust me. i'm ana myself, and its not fun. if you can help it, work on your self esteem before its too late. but if you're resigned to it, google some pro-ana websites and they'll tell you all you need to kno to succeed.

  • Honey, you do NOT want an eating disorder. I've been there. It's a bad place to be. You don't want to be constantly obsessed with food. When you have an eating disorder, food is ALL you ever think about. Every emotion you have revolves around food, and you feel like a failure every time you eat. And even after all that, you might get skinny, but you won't be healthy, and you won't ever be satisfied with your body. You'll keep being unhappy and feel ugly and fat, even if you get down to a sickly 90 pounds. Really, sweetheart, even if you do want to get more in shape, an eating disorder is not the way to go. BTW, you're not even overweight. You're at a very healthy weight for your height.

  • I'll wager that you're actually very beautiful and just don't know it.

  • Girl you are lucky! Im shorter than you and weigh 140 so i thnk you are abosolutely perfect! You are so blessed just the way you are!

  • Dieting is more effective than actually working out if you're unmotivated to be physically active. If u feel like snacking, snack on fruits or veggies . Have an unhealthy meal once every three or 4days to start off n cut down from there. Don't pressure yourself too much n expect instant results cuz otherwise u get stressed again n stay too down on yourself to do anything again. Otherwise want progress in addition to the diet in a week? Do the p90x. Worked for me.

  • Wishing for a disorder isn't gonna do any good. Either build a higher self esteem or do something physical about what you have an issue with that you can change.

  • Don't be ashamed!!! Think posotive, one example. I'm a little large, but I could be 5'8" and 240 lbs. like Jones78!!! you really aren't fat, infact my girlfriend weighs 123, and she's 5'2, she's still sexy as h*** though!!!!

  • Honey, you're at a healthy, normal weight. If you have a bad diet and don't exercise, you can change that. But you don't need to lose weight.

  • Don't worry, a lot of people are insecure about themselves. All you have to do in place of an eating disorder is to GET MOTIVATED! :) Just think of the body you want, and work towards it! Never stop thinking that you can't get there, you can have any dream if you work hard enough for it. I understand that working out is hard, but nothing that's worth getting is easy to get. You will have to work really hard, but just remember, you will be sooooo happy with the results when you get there. And when you get there, remember how you got to the 133 pounds you are, and don't let it happen again. Eat healthy, and if you eat something bad, just work out again and make sure you make up for it. Don't worry, you will get to where you want to go if you just remember what you said and don't give up on yourself. :)

  • While this is great general advice, to someone in the OP's position, it may not be the safest!
    My battle with EDs started with a desire to have one, which is really one of the first steps. I became obsessed with it, as if it was some auto-fix to get me the body I thought I wanted. Working out obsessively was the first physical step I took into my ED and from there it just got worse as I began to eat "healthier" and then just eat less and less as my weight started dropping more slowly and I felt like I wasn't hitting my "goals".
    The whole "eat something bad, just work out again and make sure you make up for it" mentality is very, very dangerous for someone teetering on the edge of developing an ED, I didn't realise it, but what I was doing was binge-purging. I would eat a meal or a snack, and then have to work out until I'd burnt those calories back off again. I didn't realise it was B-P because I wasn't throwing up or using laxatives or any of the more "scary" seeming methods.
    While that mentality is helpful if you are losing weight in a healthy manner (with a PROPERLY balanced diet and sensibly reduced calorie intake), the OP is NOT overweight and shouldn't be thinking about dieting. They need to work on their self-esteem and body image in a healthy way!

  • its only difficult to not eat for like the first two days! after that ur used to it and it becomes natural! hang in there its just bad for that short amount of time!

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