I hold grudges

You lied to me for months about your finances, even after I offered you help you said everything was under control. You dug us into a hole so deep it took months for ME to dig us out. You apologized and promised to make it up, again a lie, you've done nothing. You never get anything at all acomplished, I do it all.
I hold grudges, and after twelve years, you know this about me. So after I got us out of your hole and took over ALL finances, I found a guy at work that needed a little cash, and offered to help. I helped him get an apartment, and even bought him some furniture. I then began to go over there to get away from you. I told him I was just a tease and wouldn't cheat on you, but I knew that was a lie. After months of playing the flirt, I kissed him. After weeks of built up excitement and sexual tension, I f***** him. What you did was wrong and intentional, what I did is worse and I didn't want to take it that far in the begining, but now I don't want to stop.
Don't lie to me, I get mad, I get even, then I end up hating myself!

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  • u are the one that's mad? lol

  • You should hate the fact you keep hooking up with losers. They're mooching off you and you're letting them. You act as though you're strong and in control but both these men are manipulating you. You're essentially buying their affection. They are your man whores. And even worse, they're pathetic excuses for men.

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