I'm a complusive liar

Every chance I get I lie about the dumbest thing, where I'm going or where I have been. I lie just to.give people an impression about me that's not even there. I have lied about so many things in my life to point if I turned back on my lies, no one would probably like me or trust me ever again. I don't want to lie anymore,especially about something that doesn't matter after a few minutes. I hate myself sometimes I really do. I don't want to be a compulsive liar anymore.

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  • I do this too. it sucks to say the least.

  • They will find out evetually. There are always hole in the lies you tell. Not to mention people see liars as total losers who have to lie to make themselves look good. So yes stop lying.

  • I've found myself doing the same. Maybe because I want people to like, or maybe because I don't really want them to know who I am... In any case, you might want to talk to a counselor or "life coach" about the way it makes you feel.

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