I don't understand..?

Alright, so I'm gay.
I have been made fun of my whole life.
I honestly don't understand it. Every once in awhile people come up to me and ask me, "Why are you gay?"
I just want your opinion,
Is it wrong for me to be gay?

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  • Nothing in the world is wrong with being gay. I think that gay people are typically more intelligent and sensitive than others. Furthermore, I think that soon enough society will be much more accepting and those who are not gay-friendly will find that their intolerance will not be acceptable.

    And anyone who wants to ask you "why you are gay?" you might just as well say "Why are you white?" or "African-American" or "Asian"?

    It is what it is. And I hope that someday it will be something you can celebrate.

  • Being gay is very socially acceptable in today's day and age, there is nothing wrong with you and you should accept your self for who you are, I am a straight female who has many gay friends, you should be proud of who you are and don't let anyone put you down for it.

  • It's all confusing and sometimes brings a lot of hurt. But you'll come to grips with who you are and society is coming closer to it as well.

  • Nothing is wrong with you and nothing is wrong with being gay. You are who you are and love who you love. Embrace it. Do what makes YOU happy. It's your life. Maybe move to an area where there's a larger gay population and you may find a more supportive community..maybe even a boyfriend :-).

  • It is not wrong at all! I have learned from my own being gay that it isn't something you can change nor control...
    When people ask you why you are gay, ask them why they are straight.
    or tell them you can't help who you fall in love with. No one should have to go through being made fun of through their life...
    Just remember, It will get better! Don't give up!

  • I feel terrible for you. You do NOT deserve to be treated any differently because you're gay. You're the same as everyone else. And I KNOW you didn't choose this, because I know people that have said if they could have chosen which path, they wouldn't have chosen this. I'm so sorry, I wish people would STOP treating people badly because of what or who they are. And NO, it is not wrong to be gay. This wasn't your choice. If you could have chosen this, you would be straight, wouldn't you? Hang in there, things will get better. :)

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