I'm a tutor and I hate my students

I hate my students, they're so dumb, I'm tired of playing little "Miss Patience who will explain it all a fuckzillion times without getting mad"

I hate stupidity.

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  • Have to admit, you are correct. I taught a free GED course several years ago, and, while pretty patient, had my moments of "Good God, how the h*** dumb are you?". Some were court-ordered and not all the smart to begin with, and, I made allowances for that. But, some of the others..Especially one very hot, bimbo-type blonde, was just so fkn stupid that I actually wanted to ask her..What are you going to do when your looks fade? Going to be in trouble, because you're dumber than s***.

  • You just have to remember: They really don't know any better. They might be expecting a quick fix from you, or for you to simply do the work for them while they sit back and zone out. The best thing might be to make it clear what it is you as a tutor do, and that if they want to progress, they need to pay close attention to what you say.

  • Perhaps another job? There is nothing worse then going to a job you hate. Been there done that. I think getting into another line of work will help. Good luck!

  • Well maybe they hate u ya stupid b****.

  • Then get out of the business? I understand what your feeling, I've dragged around people who didn't know left from right but I wasn't getting paid for it. But remember, You "hate stupidity" but yet the whole reason for your job is to help people out of stupidity.

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