I want

I want to s*** in a woman's open mouth and make her swallow. i want to p*** and spit on her face.

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  • mmmm... I wish you grow old well....

  • wising you lots of courage and well being my dear anonymous friend. Women as a species are an incomprehensible lot - yes ! but so are Men !! (according to his/her own situation at any given time). I wish i could share a beer or two with you and have a friendly chat. I can only wish that you get the courage and the wisdom to tackle whatever situation that is p****** you off right now. May the powers be with you and i hope the ones/one who has hurt you realizes their mistake and makes up for it soon. :)

  • Hmmm...sounds like you have been made to feel powerless by a woman (or women?) in your life, and you are searching for a way to feel "in control" once more. Either that or you have sadistic tendencies?

  • If you find a woman whose into that you'll know you've met a person who was seriously sexually abused as a child. It will not end well for either of you.

  • Umm have you been watching the human centipede lately? Sounds like it lol and that really gross like ewwie!

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