Well this is lame

So i have a crush on a 23 year old... theres a few problems. he has a gf they have a kid together and hes addicted to pain pills and im 17 everytime i see him i get so happy its dumb!

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  • Caution: Love causes temporary feelings of stupidity

  • i understand how you feel.....he's probably all you're thinking about and you can't imagine anyone else but him. but you know what, he sounds like quite a loser, especially if he's 23 and after a 17 year old. look elsewhere. I know it's hard but it's for your own good. there's guys EVERYWHERE.

  • No I didn't have anything to do with the other post.

  • Did you post the one above too? About texting with this guy? He has a kid and he pops pills. The red flags are waving in your face. You're dumb if you continue any contact with him. Drop this loser immediately.

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