My parents have been growing weed for years

Ever since I was little my parents always kept thier room a secrecy and when I did go in there theres always an small extra room in the corner with a flourescent light. After years of curiosity I finally looked in and saw plants (I was about 6 at this point) and he always gave differebt answers. He would rather say hes growing tomatoes or he outright denies that theres anything in there.

I went in there again (when I was about 11) and once again there was plants. I knew it was cannabis after watching a few crime shows and never told anyine about it. However.

When I was 14 I got into a heated argument with my dad and it eventually evolved into him calling me a "r*****" so I replied with "im not that retarded to know what a cannabis plant looks like!" And he promptly sent me to my room and ever since ive been to scared to ever mention to him again.

Advice pls

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  • Mind your own business and follow the house rules. If you don't like it, go support, feed and clothe yourself in your own place.

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