i am a fourteen y/o female...theres a guy my ex-bf but like we broke up for a stupid reason we still friends i still like him and sometimes i think he still likes me sometime i think its just cuz were friends that he acts like that...but he friends with my bro so hes over a lotwe flirt and and just his touch sends shivers down my spine and i tingle from head to toe i mean theres another guy who makes me feel like this but hes smokin hott and makes a noise with his tounge rings that is just OH! but this guy is cute but not near hott just cute but just having my legs on him while sittting on the couch makes me tingle and all i wanna do is rip off his clothes and f*** him right then and there

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  • You need to improve on your grammar and punctuation,or you won't graduate High School and advance into College.

    Focus on your education and ambitions,rather than,extra curricular activities such as; boys!

    You have four years or three and a bit,until you graduate.Get your head down and prioritize,what's more important!

  • You're 14 years old . Wow WTF close your legs before you get herpes and have a crack baby That looks like a monkey.

  • lmao sluuuuuut

  • youre a shallow b****. what the f*** was the point of this confession, other than to prove you're a shallow not to mention slutty b****.
    youre a little kid still, stop even THINKING about f****** them. go play with barbies like CHILDREN your age are supposed to.

  • nah my ex is cute but his personality is great and what really makes me tingle when he touches me the other guy is an ass but he told me I was hott...I don't like him just think he's hott

  • You value too much on 'cute'. These guys may be major a******* who may see you differently than you think they do.

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