I don't know

I honestly don't know how many people in this world has seen me naked. A couple of years ago I, age 15 or so, decided to j/o infront of a webcam, not showing my face so pple didnt know I was young, but I had a bunch of viewers and I know some were old men and now the thought if doing such a thing disgusts me. Also I to this day, go into chat rooms looking for guys to trade pics with. It's a horrible and nasty thing to do but I am addicted to seeing guys or something. Since then I have stoped using the webcam and barley go on that site, and I don't really go in chat rooms anymore. I don't regret it and I'm not really complaining but I just thought I'd share.

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  • if you went there in the first place you were turned on... prob with a b****. I bet you only discusted after you c**... my advice is that your discusted with yerself cos like a lot of guys/cultures are brought up to be ashamed of the fact bi/gay guys get turned on watching other guys j*******..... the problem is easy... the problem is your beliefs...... once you can admit to yerself and be yourself in your mind.. you will stop feeling bad and discusted. I live in england where being gay is 100% acceptable. Ive been married had 2 kids cos i wasnt sure bout myself but i discovered guys and never looked back.. hope that helps..

  • u moron you dont even know if he's a man or not....

    and poster, dont worry we all did stuff we sort of felt disgusted of...

  • so the thought of it disgusts you but you don't regret it and your not complaining...right? right

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