Love hearing about wife's past

I have a fetish and not sure if anyone else does also. My wife is flirty and has messed around a bit. I enjoy it. She is bbw with a great 42DD rack. I love knowing guys are also enjoying it. I am a closet bi and I go into chat rooms in our area and talk to guys that know her. What they don't know is that I'm her hubby. I pass myself off as some guy that has had s** with her so the chat is hot. My fetish is that I love hearing guys put her down. It's a huge turnon for me and makes me h**** as h***. I even met with a guy that has used her and got so h**** that I was between his legs sucking him while he told me about her past with him...Anyone else with a fetish like this? Please let me know and we can private chat about it

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