I am having an affair but it's not an affair ?

That I have slept twice with this guy I met 2 months ago in the gym .
I am married for 6 months and my husband and I had a rocky start ever since he left his job and decided to work from home .

There are many many many scenarios or days when he is frustrated he tends to vent on his mood at me and I guess it's a lot of resentment from me.

I am 26 this year and my husband is 37.

Thing is : the guy I slept with stopped speaking to me after the second time we slept together and I guess he has attained his goal? He used to chat with me every now and then but he has completely went awol and I don't know if I should bother texting him .
Awkward thing is I see him at the gym every other day and he still comes over to chat like we are cool.

I don't know what to do

Next Confession

Drunk f*ck

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  • Find a new bf and go to marriage counseling. Don't confess about your infidelity. Try it for a couple of months. If therapy doesn't help, get a divorce.

  • Let me tell you what a real woman would do. A real woman would confront the husband and tell him that she is not happy with their relasionship and break up with him. Obviously you dont love him if you sleep around. You dont want to start a relasionship with a random guy from the gym who just used you for a quick **. He probably has a girlfriend himself , just another disgusting human being like you. Get divorced, find youself first. Think if you ready to make a commitment. Dont marry random people, just because you think you wont find anyone better. And if you do, dont jump from guy to guy. Men hate cheaters more than anything.
    OR Carry on, get your face smashed by your husband ( any husband would do that to a woman who cheats on him just coz of some stupid financial problems). Good luck in life. Being a cheater, liar , keeping secrets its the worst kind of person you can be.

  • You know what I'm doing? I have had several affairs with guys from the gym. I also have a kind of abusive husband, like you, and am looking for someone to marry after I divorce him, but I don't want to divorce him till I have someone, so I keep having affairs till I find the right guy.

  • I am also facing this same situation. I had ** with many guys from online dating sites as my hubby is abusive and doesn't care about me.

  • I love this attitude, and wish more women shared it. We are the superior **, and we should behave like we know it!

  • Maybe you and the OP should get together because you both sound like f-ing idiots. What happened to women standing on their own? Too stupid? WTF? Divorce your ** husbands and move on with your lives. And the OP has only been married for 6 months. Did she not know who she was marrying before this? Seriously.

  • Yep, he got what he wanted. Work on your marriage or get divorced.

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