Any "honest woman" out there?

This is not a confession, but a real question for those so-called "honest women": what percent of so-called "honest women" do you think would be ready to sleep with a stranger once, for let's say, $10,000? Be honest please...

Feb 22, 2011

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  • For only $10k??? Honestly I wouldn't for any amount but seriously, $10k is an insult.

  • Honestly Yes!

  • just about every woman possible

  • Well, you would have to take into consideration social standing. A woman who makes six figures wouldn't for ten grand, but for the right price, I believe 100 percent would do it.

    Women try to act like they think they're the s***, and are worth more than that, but those are the same women who MARRY the p*** to get the pay, aka gold diggers. I think a one-timer is much more noble.

  • Where dies an honest woman come in to this??

  • Considering 10k would go a long way to get me out of a bad situation, I'd do it.

  • I myself would say, "NO." I would think, "F*****' 'ELL, NO".
    But then again, I'm classified as having Schizoid Personality Disorder, and have pretty close to no interest in s** anyways.

  • The question was about doing it for $10,000, not for interest in s**.

  • they wouldn't be an honest women if they would

  • Honesty has its own boundaries. Some men who otherwise were very honest all their lives have been known to do incredible illegal transactions when confronted with exceptional situations. Basically, for money...

  • I can't speak for all woman, but I consider myself an honest woman, and hells no, I wouldn't sleep with anyone purely for money, no matter the amount. But then again, I've never been in a situation where I am in absolute financial dire straits, so I can understand that there are instances were a woman may go through with taking money for s**, and in such scenarios that does not speak to her character. But for me, a middle class woman, this is not the case. So nope, no s** for money.

  • Well there are definitely women who sleep with men they don't know, and it's for nothing. But make it a business arrangement and it becomes a different scenario. It's pay for s**, which really is prostitution. The money could be slightly tempting, and it could be over really quickly..but I couldn't/wouldn't do it. In the end, no amount of money wouldn't be enough to actually go through with it, or compensate for how you feel afterwards.

  • Probably about 30% of women would sleep with a stranger for $10,000 I'm a very honest women and I wouldnt sleep with you.

  • I wouldn't sleep with you either. I don't do prostitutes.

  • Really is that the best comeback you could think of??? If you don't like the answer don't ask. And if you have to pay someone $10,000 to sleep with you I would be looking at spending that $10,000 getting your face fixed or is it your p**** size that's the problem? There is nothing sadder then someone who sounds desperate, and mate you sound desperate.

  • Look below and you will see at least one decent answer. Obviously the question was not about me, because if it were, I wouldn't put it on a site where people from all around the world can post. Obviously it is for statistics purposes.

  • My answer was direct and straight to the point, i dont care if you don't like my comment.

  • He didnt ask if you would sleep with him idiot. He asked if you would sleep with a stranger for 10k. You personalized it by saying "I wouldnt sleep with YOU" in your response. How do you think he was going to respond idiot. Dumbass! And where the h*** did you get 30% from? What source or facts do you have to back up this estimate? Youre just plain ol' stupid!

  • I'll sleep with you for $10,000. But I'm a guy. Does that matter?

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