Hateful words against women

I have just never understood why there are so many hateful words against women. like if a women sleeps around she has the choice of being called a s***, w****, ho, c***, prostitute, and a bunch of other words out there that i havent heard, yet. but its funny because when a guy does the same exact thing, and i mean the same exact thing, most of the time he is congratulated and people say how he's the man, or they ask him when he meeting his next girl like that s*** is normal, its not, that man is just as much of a s***, w****, ho, c*** or d*** in this instance, as those women were. and yet half the time its the women who get the back lash of all of the hateful words. and the all time famous word for a female is the word b****, i can;t even count how many times i have heard that word being referred to a woman, whether she did anything wrong or not. its like people love using that word, even women us it which is just wrong in opinion. and some of them seem to think it's a nice thing to be called a b****, half of them probably dont know that they are being called a female dog, something out of their out of their species. truthfully it's disgusting this hateful name calling, cause that's all it is meant to make someone seem lower than what they are.

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  • Truth be told, all women are worthless s** objects.

  • I wonder if you really, truly think that in your heart, or if you're just driven by bold anonymity to say the most shocking things you can think of to get a rise out of other people. I hope it's the latter.

  • Exactly.

  • I don't think it's wrong for anyone to have s** the way they want to, with whomever they want to. If it's consensual, I don't give a s*** how often they sleep with or whom. The only exception is people who have STIs who deliberately try to spread them around. Those people are f***** up and should be arrested. But if you just enjoy one night stands, go find other people who enjoy one night stands. Who care. Not me.

  • b**** slap.

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