Torn in two.

Im not emotionally attracted to women, but their bodies turn me on more than guy's bodies.
i love men and i can only picture myself dating a man, but everyone insists on calling me a lesbian.
people say im gay because i think chicks have hot bodies, but dont they realize that the biggest part of being straight or gay is who you LOVE?
who can you picture being old with?
who can you picture marrying?
who can you picture spending eternity with?

i have nothing against lesbians or gays, i just hate that people tell me who i am and what i think.

Feb 24, 2011

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  • I want to have a threesum with you

  • Here's a good moto to live by......I rather have people hate for who I am than to love me for I'm not!!!!

  • Don't worry. Tell them to back off. There probably just jealous at how open you are. I'm glad that your willing to be so sure, if only the world had more people like you. One reason gays and lesbians are so taboo is because many won't speak up, so no one hears. Either way, call yourself Bi sexual. Thats the best way to describe you, but remember, those are just words. :D

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