20 year old virgin

Hi my name is Mike I live in Ottowa Ohio. I'm 20 years old. And I've never had s**. Not that I didn't want to I just never had the chance or opportunity. I feel like a failure in life. I've never even kissed a girl. But anyways point is I'm getting tired of being alone. Give me a call please. And don't be mean about it. I live alone so... Ask for Mike. And don't call before 6:00pm eastern standard time. Call me! 4195235212!

Mar 2, 2011

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  • 20 isn't that old. I didn't lost it until I was 22 but had several girl friends in high school who I got naked with but they freaked when we were about to do it. I went to a h***** and got it over with. My second comment is that this is 2011 and I'm not sure how you've never even kissed a girl? Seems odd and never give out your number on line ever.

  • If getting laid is so important to you then you should probably get a h*****

  • I kind of think this is someone's prank on their friend.

  • 1. that obviously is not you're number because you would not be so stupid as to put that out, or would you???? i dont know
    2. you're 20 not 40 there is plenty of girls out there willing to drop their panties for any guy you just are not looking properly
    3. if you really are deserates to get laid then do what any other guy would do get a h*****
    hope that helps

  • Hey Mike, if this pathetic little plea gets you laid be sure to let us know.

  • Oh, come now! 20? You may think that's really old to be a virgin, but really, it's not. I didn't lose my virginity until I was almost 21, and I was one of the first among my close friends. Losing your virginity is kinda nice, but it doesn't change your life as much as many people think it will.

    Be patient. Nobody's attracted to desperation.

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