Sometimes I feel as if I'm too nice. Sounds cliché as h*** but you'd understand if you were in my shoes. I'm a 18 year old girl headed off to college in 3 weeks. When I graduated back in June I told myself that I was going to use the summer to spend time with the ones I love, and shed the ones I don't. And I was, and still am determined to make an earnest effort to keep in touch with those same people. But lately, I find it to be VERY difficult, as almost all of my friends have boyfriends. I can't tell you how many times any of them have blown me off for other plans. Last minute. Or they "forgot." It's so frustrating. I feel cheated because this always happens. And no, I'm not jealous because I don't have someone to "call my own," I'm very content single. I'm just mad because people s**** me over repeatedly. Sometimes they leave me in the dark with not a single phone call, text, or explanation. So I start to worry that something's happened to them. And when they FINALLY respond they give the whole "Oh I forgot! I feel like a s***** person. I'm soSosSOOOOOO sorry Please forgive me" s***. And of course, I forgive them. That's the worst part actually, KNOWING that I'll end up forgiving them even though they're repeat offenders. And wanting them in my life even though I know they'll do it again. That is all. Thanks for listening to me rant, anonymous.

Aug 3, 2011

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