Who wants to swim

When ever i go swimming at the beach i always end up peeing in the ocean and i know a lot of people do it too (we just all act like it never happens) and yet i stil go to the beach and swim. so who's up for the beach??? lol

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  • Shocking!!! You and your friends are definitely the first organic beings to have EVER peed in the ocean despite the fact that other animals have lived, bred, and died in it (most of them unable to breathe air) for millions of years.

  • I once jerked off in the ocean. Semi busy beach, pulled off my suit, just jerked til I came. It felt great, and only my girlfriend who was next to me knew what I did.

  • I like to unleash the pacific fleet when I "go" in the ocean. You, however, ought to kill yourself

  • Dude! Who ARE you!?

  • Don't drink water. Fish have s** in it.

  • Dilution is the solution

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