Girls made me wear a speedo

I'm a guy, and I went to the beach this weekend with a few female friends. Before going to the beach we all got changed into swim suits at my house and the girls started saying that since I get to see them in bikinis that I should wear a speedo for them. I actually own one since I swim for exercise sometimes, but it's not something I'd wear to the beach. Eventually the girls wore me down and I put it on. I expected to feel embarrassed but the girls all told me it looked hot and I think they liked seeing me in it. On the beach it actually felt good not wearing baggy board shorts too. Moral of the story: if cute girls want to see you in a speedo, put it on.

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  • That. How start it. To. West. Them

  • You should get one of the boat speedos.

  • Borat

  • Did you dictate their swimwear to them? Why should they decide your fashion decisions? Trunks, Speedos or wooden barrel, you decide. Period.

  • Lol wooden barrel. Now that would be really funny.

  • I started to write something, then retracted . Get away from those girls; they are NOT your friends.

  • It doesn't sound like anything was forced or coerced. And he says the girls thought he looked hot in it. Every straight guy wants girls to think they are hot.

  • At least you understand who is in charge

  • It sounds like the poster let himself be convinced. That doesn't mean anyone is necessarily in charge.

  • We know them as DT's (D*** Togs)

  • I swim for exercise as well and wear a speedo. I don't see the big deal in wearing one. But that being said Americans are very hung up on men wearing speedos. I have even seen signs at pools " family pool no speedos." I would sooner wear a speedo then baggy trunks.

  • I'm with you. I don't see anything wrong with them either. I'm not sure why long shorts are expected. It's funny other parts of the world they pretty much require people going to a pool to wear speedos.

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