Love & Resentment

I love my husband. I don't want to leave him,just his laziness. He's been unemployed much too long. I understand that it's a bad economy,being laid off is depressing,I know it's hard. But I've been laid off twice before. I hopped from one temp job to the next,in order to make ends meet. I've worked 2-3 part times at once. Now I work full time,with overtime,and we're barely living checl to check. When I get home i'm absolutely drained....but the placeis a damn mess! I just cleaned last night. He just won't do anything. Has he given up? I'm supposed to be supportive no matter what,but i'm about burned out. What will happen if i add a night job? I'm perpetually broke it seems,i'm mending my work clothes...if he's depressed,i'll stick by him no matter what. But i don't know how much more i can take. I'm so very tired.

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  • He's sapping the energy right out of you. You need to get him off his ass and out looking for work. Sure, he doesn't want to hear that and the fact you HAVE to do it makes him less a man in your eyes but it's your only hope. Well, the other option is to leave him. Good luck.

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