Drove into a womans arms...

I've been married for several years...i was extremely happy with my husband and we were both very sexually active and intimate all the time. Then one day he confessed that the last 6 months he has been cheating on me with various women, sometimes strangers. I was crushed. we had s** numerous times a day and thru or the week. I'm adventurous in the bedroom and always start with a bj or anything he wanted. It screwed with my self esteem and really made me feel inadequate.
RecentlyI met a beautiful woman who has a sparkling personality and is extremely enjoyable to be around. Last night we went out for dinner and then she invited me over to her house for a few drinks. We ended up getting quite drunk and high and somehow ended up in her bed. Before I really realized what was happening she had taken off her shirt and bra and mine also and started fondling with my nipples and b******. I've never been with a woman before and it was scary and exhilarating. We spent hours in bed touching, kissing, petting and finally I ended up spreading her legs open and licking her c*** til she orgasmed. I'm confused about how I feel today. I feel guilty for doing this while I'm married, even though my husband had been cheating on me also. I'm also confused about mt sexual experience. I would have never thought or felt that I was bisexual in anyway yet it came so easy. I wish I could understand myself and how I feel. In the meantime bc of my mixed emotions I don't know if I should keep seeing her or stay away...:(

Mar 8, 2011

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  • You should not feel guilty! He made you feel like you were not good enough since he has been cheating. You were doing your part as a wife in the bedroom.

  • Sounds like there is a great opportunity for an open marriage. Let your husband know you're getting some on the side, too. But set some ground rules. He can't be f****** strangers because the risk of bringing a disease into the marriage is too high. But you will f*** whomever you choose and that may be a woman. Get rid of the guilt and enjoy. If your marriage can't survive this or you find yourself wanting to be with a woman on a permanent basis so be it. He opened the door to this and you may end up using it to leave.

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