I like the power

I love it when a guy c*** inside me. It turns me on so much knowing that at a biological level his body is literally giving me a piece of himself, trying to combine his DNA with mine. I especially love the challenge of getting married men to do it. They are always so nervous and usually want to use protection so when I convince them to do it I feel so f****** hot. It's usually not hard to do, and my biggest challenge lately is married guys who don't even want to have an affair. What seems to work best on them is gradually moving the line of what they think of as cheating, like "it's not really cheating if we just make out a little" then "it's not really cheating if I just rub mine against yours" then "accidentally" slip it in...you'd be surprised how many guys that's worked on! I feel like I have such power over guys it drives me crazy.

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  • You just described my fantasy..

  • I love it, too! I even got my tubes tied because it's my favorite part of s**-- but the privilege is only for my husband. It's not my life's ambition to be a c** dumpster, ya know?

  • Thats extremely sexy, I would love to be seduced by you.

  • I love to "accidentally" have my condom come off when I've got some chick close to o*****, and she doesn't give a s*** about whether its on or off. Shooting my load inside her, my tongue deep in her mouth, knowing that she'll have a little gift from me for years to come. If she's married, she can tell her boyfriend or husband its his, lol.

  • i liked the way you describe "moving the line" thats just perfect. and you are a heroine for so many of us out here that want to be so bold as you but just dont have it in us. thank you!!

  • I agree with you about the feel of c**. I know this will sound weird, but it seems to me that c** actually feels different inside when I'm not taking my b/c: maybe it's the risk or something, but it really is a different experience to feel all that hot creamy s**** swishing around your insides when you're operating without the net of protection. I guess what I'm saying is that safe s** is boring s**. As for married men, I agree even more with you. I've used the "eating ain't cheating" line so many times that I should have it tattooed on my tongue, and as you already know, once you've got him in your mouth, there's no way he won't step up to the plate and hit the other two holes. But the best part of it is the knowing: knowing that you've convinced ANOTHER WOMAN'S MAN to do you instead of her. That's what we call "victory". Yes, sweet victory.

  • You're gonna get an STI soon, you stupid t***. People like you are the ones who wreck lives by spreading STI's. Soon you'll wreck THREE lives...your own, the guy you f*** AND his wife when she gets what you pass on to them both. Idiot.

  • I met this guy at trade show, he was really cute but married and kept bringing up the fact that he was married when I would try to flirt with him at his booth. I saw him later at one of the bars in the hotel and joined him for a drink. He was just so nervous and uncomfortable talking to me that he was downing his drinks pretty rapidly. It felt like a really fun challenge to see how far I could get him to go. I know it sounds insecure but sometimes it just feels good to feel hot and in control. I kept finding reasons to touch him and sat so close that he got nervous at how in the open he was with another woman. I convinced him to come up to my room so he wouldn't feel awkward in public and at that point i knew I had him. At first he kept going on about his wife and kid. I told him that every time he mentioned his wife or kid i would take off something I was wearing. I was down to my underwear when he started to touch me. He said we could mess around but no s**. I said ok and we started to make out. I kept feeling him hard in his pants so I unzipped them and started giving him a b*******. I stopped midway, took off my panties, turned around and just bent over. He was inside me immediately. He asked if I was on birth control and I told him no even though I was. I wanted to see how far I could make this guy go. He was so nervous and kept pulling out an stopping when he felt close. Eventually I got on top of him and just kept telling him to c** inside me. He did and it felt awesome.

  • I would do anything to have a woman like you in my life. I will never pull out of you for the rest of your life. e-mail is girardman at gmail dot com

  • Keep it up girl... there will always be a guy who will c** up inside of a spunkbucket like yourself.. good work. Try get two c**** inside you next time.

  • Kinda weak really if you're on the pill, you're still protected. If you can convince them even if you're unprotected then you got sometime.

  • Good idea. I will have to try that

  • I'd love to not really cheat with you.

  • Ur not special . you have a p****.. thats not a talent sweety. anyone can do what you do... the fact that you let random guys c** inside you makes u a stupid w****. i think its funny that you think youre in control, when they are blowing their load in you and leaving you ,. haahha

  • What?!? You mean there are actually men out there that don't want to have an affair?!? Bareback affairs are what life's all about!

  • You are so sexy. i am 13 and i am ready to have s** with you

  • I'll have s** with you

  • I shall f*** the h*** out of you that u won't go to any other man.come to me.i'll f*** your p**** as if its a pumping machine.and ur a****** will also be penetrated.i want u to give me b****** and drink my c**.contact me b****.i'm a great f*****.

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