My affair with a long time friend

I had a great sexual affair with an old friend, she was all I needed sexually since my wife was out having s** with her friends. My marriage was toast, I kept my affair a secret for 6 years while all our kids were young. My wife didn't care that I knew she was sexual with others but I did not want to expose my friend who had her own problems. My wife moved out, left me without warning. I wasn't happy but soon founf it was great she was gone. My friend could come over more often now, but the opposite happened, she stopped having s** with me when my wife left me. No matter how many times I asked her she refused to have s** with me. I don't know why, she refused to give me any reasons. I missed her everyday for a longtime, she was the best s** I ever had. I went onto cheating with several married women who were interested in cheating from a website. I could not believe how many women were cheating, I even met a woman who's daughter was friends with my daughter. We opted not to do anything sexual and not tell anyone we met on a cheaters website. I had s** with a married woman that was the hottest and most beautiful woman I ever did in my life. I liked banging married women, for a while there had no interest in single women. I blame my attraction to married women on my x wife with a sick mentallity that she was married and out there, I can be doing the same thing. Those guys my x was with cared less she was married to me, my old former friend was even doing my x. I thought why should I care, some of these women were just throwing themselves at me and I didn't refuse any of them looking for a lay. I recently got into a relationship and I'm happy to be in it. I think of my past, so lucky I didn't get any std's or freaked out husbands try and kill me, I can even count how many I did after my friend dumped me. Now I'd never want to be with her again and I have no desire to cheat in my new relationship, I don't need any more than she gives me and we're both very happy. I will say I did enjoy having so many different women for s**, I really learned a lot and did things I never did sexually before which I won't get into. I figure in 5 years I had someone different almost every month, and at times had 3 lovers going on at the same time. None knew I was with others but I don't doubt some too had others going on at the same time too.

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