I have a very young teacher. She is about 25 or so. She is not the hottest but shes ok. I cant help mysef but stare at her ass whenever I can. She also wheres a lot of dresses. We usually sit in a circle when reading and she sits across from me. One time she was wearing a dress and forgot to cross her legs and next thing i know im staring at her p****. I didnt even realize it but then she looks up and saw me staring at her and then immediatly crossed her legs and smiled at me.

A couple weeks later we where reading another story and i found myself across from her again. This time it was completley different. When she was reading she looked up at me and started to smile and then uncrossed her legs showing her p**** again and was smileing at me. After Class that day she told me to stay after and I got really hard and was starting to imagine what was going to happen. After everyone left she shut the door and said that she thought I did a great job in her class and deserved a reward. While I was leaving she walked me out and when she opened the door was looking down at my bonner and smiled and said keep up the good work.

As the weeks went on nothing happened any longer but then all of a sudden around Valentines Day stuff started happening. She started to stare at me and where "Nice" lookin clothes apropriate for school. Then on Valentines Day she was standing infront of my desk and was helping me with work when she fixed her shirt and her bra was loose showing me her B******. She Quickly fixed it looking at me. Then when the period was over and I was getting up she backed up so she was rubbing against me and said im sorry and her hand rubbed against my p**** and she smiled.

What should I do. I am only 16

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  • f*** it, let her suck your d*** and don't tell a single person, not even your best friend; you only live once.

  • I had a few teachers who were cute and wore dresses. Loved those classes.

  • The answer is simple, stay back after class and once everyone has gone walk up to her and tell her that the other day her hand rubbed against your d*** and with the smile she seamed to like it, now grab her ass and kiss her right on the lips, now walk out saying i`ll see ya after school, just wait right here..

  • That other commenter is a loser and a weirdo and has nothing worthwhile to say.

    I understand you are attracted to this young teacher, but what she is doing is inappropriate and illegal, not only because you are underage but because she is your teacher. If either of you get caught, she's gonna lose her job, go to jail for molesting a minor and be labeled as a pedophile. She's 25 and taking advantage of you, knowing exactly what she's doing. If this keeps going on, ask to be moved to another classroom if you can, using any excuse you want if you don't want to rat her out. Although if she's doing this to you, think about what's to stop her from messing with another teenage student. You could also start avoiding her gaze and if she touches you again, ask her to stop and hope she gets the hint. To cover your own ass though, I'd tell someone else you trust about this if she plays the "you were coming on to me" card.

  • So i should go suck d***?

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