I am being cuckolded

I am a very meek and mild manner man. My wife is very beautiful, she is a ten for sure. I hear when we were dating that she was f****** other men. I wanted to know so when I dropped her off at home for the evening, I drove around the corner from her house and parked my car. I then snuck around the corner and hid in some bushes by a buisness and watched her house. Soon there was a car out front with a man in it. He beeped the horn and out she came. Dressed in a VERY short mini skirt and low cut blouse. She got in and away they went. I waited a while and they didn't come back. I just happened to see the same car by a night club on the way home. I walked up and looked dicretely as possible through the window and I could see her with a man. She was hanging all over him.
I did the same thing a few more times. We weren't as yet going to gether or any thing so I guess she had the right.
So after a time I asked her to marry me. i asumed that this behavior would stop. Buy again I heard rumors of her f****** other men. So I again watched her house. And sure enough a differant guys picks her up. Only this time I followed them and they went strait to a motel. I felt sick about it.But I also got a h****** thinking about what they were doing in that room.
This type of activity continued on for months. I came to really like it. I figured though that after we were married that this would all stop.
I completely explained that I knew every thing to her. Well I couldn't believe what she said next. She said that she knew I was following her and that I knew every thing. She also said that after we were married it wasn't going to stop. But I would then have the right to watch and or participate. I just couldn't believe how hot this made me. I had the biggest h****** of my life. She sw that and immediately startd making out with me and telling me about all the men that she had been with.
Now since we are married she has become very bold about it all. Having men f*** her right at our house right in our bed. Men picking her up for dates on Saturday night and her not comeing home untill some time on Sunday.
Sometimes she goes out on the prowl on a Friday night and brings home some man she picked up and she has him stay sometimes untill Sunday.

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  • you have little d***, huh?

  • Yes I have a rather small c***.
    She now makes me lick her well used cummy c*** clean right in front of her lovers.
    And some times I have to hold her lovers c**** and help to incert them into her p****.

  • To me, you sound very lucky!! I only wish that my wife would act like that. I have encouraged her for years, but to no avail.:(

  • She doesn't seen like a good wife. What kind of wife f**** other guys! seriously?!

  • Seems as though it'd be best to kill yourself!

  • Your wife sounds hot. I'd like to give her a go.

  • It seems like every one wants to & if there is anything at all about you that she likes she would let you.
    She told me this weekend she was going to do a first for her. She is having two men come over on Friday night and they both would be staying until Sunday.

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