Should i forgive her??

Here's the thing about 3 year i mived schools i was look for new friends i needed a new start i made some amazing friends i was really happy th happiest ive ever been and then every thing went down hill...

there was this one girl we were pretty close she was the sweetest thing i had ever met and then all of a sudden she started doing really mean stuff she wouldnt talk to me she give me the cold shoulder sometimes she'd make me feel like i was the worst person on earth. i had no idea what i had done to her.i would sit there for days trying ti think about what i had done.she made me feel like h*** i hated everyday because of her.this went on for a year and a half.untill i called her one day and asked why she denied it and told me i was imagining it which hurt even more because i knew it was real.

untill one day she told amother friend hwho had told me.we made up after that, i thought every thing would go back to normal but it didnt she slowly started taking away my friends even my best friend now it worse then it was before...the thing is every tme someone says shes so nice it kills me inside because what she made me go tthrough was horrible....

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  • I have actually been through a situation really similar to this, and I've got some friends going through it right now (freaky, right? :P) and I can honestly say from both my own perspective looking in on my friends that there are two sides to a story. Everyone does things wrong - I'm not saying this was entirely you or entirely your friend, but tbh friendships breaking down is often the result of both parties doing small things which get blown out of proportion.
    I chose to ignore a friend because it was easier than dealing with the abuse we were hurling at each other. Neither of us was willing to admit to the mistakes we made and would find a way to blame it on the other. I WISH I had worked on it though, just for my own peace of mind because not only do I now think back to the fun times we had, but it has seriously crippled me socially.
    My other friends who are going through it now - one has taken the ignoring option and the other two think its rude when they in fact had their own roles yet its all so small to someone on the outside :L
    I'd say without a doubt you should at least try. Because at least you were trying - but you have to go into it knowing that they too may have problems they didn't voice before.
    Of course, if you really feel its all being done simply out of spite then don't bother, sometimes things just aren't meant to be :)

    P.S That feeling of "oh she's the sweetest thing" really freaking sucks. Its been 2 years it still kills me when someone just mentions her name :/ x

  • there's always two sides of a story. first look at yourself, can you honestly say that what you are feeling is real and that you are not imagining it. Sometimes, like you said, "she's the sweetest thing", you get too attached to them and that you wanna be her friends forever and you expect her to be your friends forever. You are sometimes blinded with the fact that it may not be the case. And when it's not, you get disaapointed, you come up with negative conclusion, you ask yourself why is it so, why is she not giving me all the attention that you are wanting. Some people are like that, I know I was, I crave for attention, and ask myself sometimes why they don't like me. But it's not that they don't like you, they are just like that. You click with someone and you don't click with someone. On the other hand, if she's being plastic about things, meaning, she's faking the whole it and really stealing your friends and she's doing it by faking her personality, then you don't f****** need her or the friends that have been stolen from. Don't waste your time trying to make someone happy and to like you. Be who you are, forgive her as there people like her in this world. Move on, grow up happy and smart. Be happy for what you have for some people don't have nothing at all. You don't lose friends along the way, you only find the real ones. Stay nice and true.

  • You should not forgive her if she continues to make you fee like s***-unless you are a m********, of course, and enjoy being treated that way. People who really care about you will tell you what you did wrong and give you a chance to make amends. Not hang s*** over your head to control you with or play passive aggressive games with your head to f*** with you.

  • yes i total agree with you...but by not forgiving her i keep going back to what she did to me and everytime it hurts even more i feel that if i do forgive her ill finaly be able to move on but then again she doesnt deserve my forgiveness till today she fells as if what she did was nothing.....

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