It was always my fantasy

From a young age ive had fantasy's about having s** with family members but could never act on it,in 2017 i put a plan together to make it happen,my daughter and niece both 14 and my nephew 15 would always be together, slowly started it of by talking about s** then moving on to us 4 watching p*** together,i moved that to my bedroom more privacy,I ask him to stand up and show the girls his b**** with his boxers down i tell the girls it's only fair if they do the same to, within around 30 minutes all 4 of us was completely naked next step was getting them to have s** that took time,when it did happen same thing all in my room naked mentioned they should practice,my daughter looked more interested in him so i asked her to lay down and let him get into position and to put her hand down and guide him in, watching them was a f****** turn on her taking her first c***,the only thing that p***** me off was when he was about to c** he pulled out and then shot his load,he didn't take long to recover now it was his sister's turn she didn't even make a sound as he was f****** her and he said he was going to c** i got behind him and pushed down to keep him in untill he had no baby batter left, his sister was only involved in the s** for 10 months but would still watch sometimes untill she got a bf,my daughter was different didn't matter what time of day it was she wanted s**,even when he got her pregnant that didn't stop them f****** like rabbits,when she gave birth i took her place and for the last 18 months us 3 have had a healthy s** life,we are planning when this lockdown is over for me to get pregnant.

May 2, 2020

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  • Interesting I always wanted to f*** someone's family not my own.

  • The age of consent should be lowered kids are ready sooner now and I think should be allowed to enjoy s**

  • Consent should be based on puberty not age

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