Lost it on the farm

At a party the other night we started talking about where we lost our virginity and when. i guess it is a big thing because we all remember exactly where, when and with who.

i had just turned fourteen and was on a field trip to a farm of one of the boys in our class. he was all 4H and everything, and knew a lot about farm animals and things that went on. i was a city girl and my main concern was about movie stars.

when we got to the farm, we all went around together while the teacher talked about the animals and how to take care of them and what they provided for us and all. we had a picnic lunch, and afterwards wandered around.

i went off with this other girl and the boy who's parents owned the farm and we came upon two of the dogs which were mating. it was kind of fascinating watching it live, and it was a real turn on for me watching how the male mounted the b****. when they got stuck, the boy took us over and held up the b****'s tail so we could see how the males p**** was stuck inside of her. it was both repelling and fascinating. we watched until they came unstuck and he pulled out his p****. the boy could see just how fascinated i was and took me over to touch the dog's p****, which was smooth and sticky.

he then took my hand and put it on his p**** which was hard as a rock. i had never touched a boy before, and he rubbed my hand over it and looked at me in my eyes while i let him guide my hand and obeyed him to squeeze it. he unzipped his pants and let it out for us to look at. i was transfixed. he took my hand again and put it on his shaft and and i held it while he pumped my hand up and down. the other girl just watched.

i guess he told me to undo my jeans, whatever, i pushed them down. i remember him telling me to get on all fours like the b**** and i did and he got behind me and i felt him push his thing right into me. i must have been so wet, it went in all the way. i remember the other girl asking me how it felt and all i could do was say great. he pumped me (polite word) until he came. it was awesome.

i don't know if it was watching the dogs, the boy, being watched by the other girl, or what. it wasn't to me like loosing my virginity, it was just the most awesome experience. it wasn't until several weeks later that he did me face to face, which was also good. but not as good as doggy style, which is still my favorite position. for some reason to this day when i am being pumpled doggie style i still see those two dogs on the farm and imagine myself as the b**** in heat.

oh yeah, and the other girl, well she gave it away shortly after that. we double dated alot, and weren't shy about doing it at the same time. it is still fund doing it in a group, it is kind of kinki but looking into another girl's eyes when she is getting pumped is just about the h******* thing you can do.

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  • I hate Chinese people with a passion. They're everywhere with that pathethic dough face and small eyes and small beady eyes and even more horrible accents.

    never in my life have I met a more lowly, cunning, cheating, heartless, humanless, greedy m*********** in my life. I have good reasons to hate the Chinese.

    1) They think they are superior. If you cant speak their language even if their are in YOUR country, they wont accept you. UH HELLO??? You are in MY country So YOU have to speak MY language f****** yellow skinned c***.

    2) The females of these species is unbelievably shallow and stupid. My Goodness, I have never girls doll themselves up like that till they look like a blow up doll. No probs with the guys I bet dont they have anything better to do? Preening on makeup and eyes and whatever not? Wont any Chinese girl simply wear a sweatpants and shirt and for crying out loud be NORMAL FOR ONCE! I have only seen Chinese girls put so much effort into this, Caucasian girls are better in looking natural. African American women are beautiful why cant anyone see that? They like this pale skinned waif skinny b**** who looks underaged.

    3) They bring sickness to others. Swine Flu, Bird Flu(Avian Flu?), SARS, and God knows what else. Can they NOT look at an animal and think whether they would look good better as soup or stir fried??? Why are they eating everything??? I bet if given a chance, they would eat s*** as well.

  • 4) About animals, THEY HAVE NO ANIMAL CRUELTY ACTS in China! So yeah, you can see a man skinning a dog alive at the curbside and people would encourage the man. These people have no hearts.

    5) All goods from China are questionable. H***, have you read the news recently? They distributed FAKE EGGS in Malaysia. WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT FAKE EGGS WHEN THE PRODUCTION OF EGGS IN MALAYSIA HAD ALWAYS BEEN OPTIMUM??? The milk scandal, the writing utensils, their handphones and h*** anything that was made in China - im sire as h*** not gonna but it. These people care only about money.

    6) They breeds spoilt kids. I know every race has this but look at a Chinese couple with a son - then you would know what Im talking about. The treat the daughters like trash but the son...WOW. They grew up to be some piece of work.

    7) Most white dude wants a Chinese girl. In fact, they are trophies! Whats so attractive about tiny, skinny, jaundiced slit-eyed freak anyway? I dont get it.

    Im racist yes, Im just more open about it then you pretentious m************. I hate the Chinese and before you judge me, I want you to know that I am Asian too but not Chinese - thank God Im not. Such a despicable race.

  • Um...Okay?
    You call them stupid but I saw several grammar errors throughout your post...

  • Sometimes, my friends and I go to the store and f***. Is that the same?

  • Hi, my name is Steve. I really like how you get pumped in groups. I tried once with several of my male friends, but we got bored. Maybe you and your friend could help us out with that sometime? Let's talk over cherry pie soon.

  • Dude, I know exactly what is wrong! You need to include more men than women. Women are lame and deserve to die.

  • Women are "lame and deserve to die"? that's cool. Please let us know how it works out when you only have men on this planet and you're all getting f***** in the ass. No women = no reproduction which means the population on earth will die out.

  • Good

  • I'd rather the world with no humans, than to put up with another girlfriend, they're all just f***eries

  • Sounds exactly like my first time--except there were fish in mine.

  • You sound like fun.

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