I want to kill my boss

I hate my boss. he's an arrogant p**** that thinks he's top of the world. yes people have told me, i'm a bigger person, but to spend so many hours of my life with a person that is so disrespectful, demeaning and rude i feel is a waste of my time. I honestly wish every morning my boss gets hit by a bus. The days he's late, i feel like there's a glimmer of hope.

i need a job and can't get anywhere, but i am trying.

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  • Some times I just consider his health and stress level and look up his life expectancy online. 50 years. He's 34. Won't be too long till his sorry pathetic ass is worm food and I s*** on his grave

  • Murder that m***********. Shoot him right in the f****** face.

  • Kill him? Well be prepared for life behind bars ass-hat.

  • Dear Friend,
    You need to change your attitude while you're still where you're working otherwise you will likely bring it to any new job that you get. Have you tried to work out your differences with your boss or HR? If your boss is an azz, you need to learn to be assertive and not let him take advantage of you. All the while, start polishing up your resume and finding a new position. You can find another job but it will take some effort. Please also consider getting therapy so that you can learn to deal better with difficult people. Take care now. Things can and will improve! ~

  • I understand how you feel my old boss was a w**** a s*** a b**** and those were her good points the silly w**** never paid me because I had autism she was a lying fat s*** who I would love to pulverise as she's a cruel spiteful b****. The w**** caused me to have a mental breakdown this year and so did the rest of the bridge (name of the centre it was unpaid slave labour I worked I a s***** cafe) I used to work no breaks no sodding respect they cost me all my friends there the s*** and her dispicable staff f*** em all I say there are exceptions but otherwise f*** the lot of them mate they aren't worth killing you will go to prison for their spiteful s***. Live a new life and maybe instead draw pictures of you killing your boss and animating it that helps me wanting to kill is perfectly normal but murder for real is always wrong no matter how s***** the person is I am afraid. All you can do is say f*** you wankers

  • Please don't reveal I posted this I am angry and my boss made me very ill so this is anonymous I hope she cost me everything and I hate them so please keep this quiet. I almost was hospitalised I am really hurt and upset and put some silly things but I am super angry obviously as I worked 13 years for that dump and this felt like the best chance for revenge.

  • This makes no sense

  • The scum in the ruling class ARE scum

  • Since this post, many moons ago, I have left this job. I got let go for standing up for myself.

    I now have a great boss, imperfect, but a fair boss.

    I hope you all find your way.

  • Im pretty much in the same situation , but for me its too late , ive already planned to shoot him and many who will interfere, I got two job offers but had a problem with my permit so they stopped me , so now its time to go Sparta on the a******

  • I have a suggestion...buy one of those voodoo dolls and torture your boss...have him go blind! I do the same as you do--I focus and pray that the powers at be at work get hit hard by a truck! I firmly believe people get what they put out. Can't wait for karma to kick in.

  • Most "bosses" are huge a*******, who are egocentric, and nasty, callous miserable trolls. Try working for attorneys. Now - that's the lowest of the low.

  • Yes, I work for 2 partners - they are nastiest aholes! I pray that they get hit by a truck everyday too. I would celebrate their deaths.

  • Just smash hi face to pieces..

  • Don't tell him to do something you wouldn't do yourself. Because we all know that would lead to jail.

  • boss is a synonim for a*******. suck it utill u can.. then kick it hard! i do it

  • Hey, your boss is an a******, but you are getting a paycheck, right? That's why they have to pay us to go to work, otherwise it would be called Disney World. All bosses are a*******. Who else would apply for that job?

  • Just because get paid a salary - doesn't give ANYONE the right to be "ABUSIVE" verbally or any other way.
    A******* deserve to die a slow death. Karma will kick in - I hope both partners I work for get CANCER.

  • Yes burned alive. Karma takes to long.

  • Sure, it should be pure enjoyment to work for others...but people can still extend common courtesy to those who work for them! Rather than come across disrespectful. NOBODY deserves to be disrespected and treated badly. Whether we get paid, or do volunteer work. Doesn't matter. And the only reason people DO put up with it - is because their backs are against the wall and need to keep afloat. Still doesn't justify the behavior of some of these nasty, mean-spirited bosses. I believe that cancer exists for a reason. I call is "Karma". So - to all you mean, inconsiderate nasty bosses--beware of Karma...it comes in varying degrees and forms. What you put out - WILL come back to haunt you like a boomerang!

  • "Karma" is a myth. Bad people flourish and karma does nothing to pay them back.

  • Wow--you took the words/sentiments out of my mouth. A paycheck does not justify abusive behavior - towards ANYONE. We ALL deserve respect.

  • Quit! No one is keeping you there but yourself. Find another job

  • Easier said than done. Try it - in this economy. Not as simple as it may seem.

  • Easier said than done in this economy. Don't you think if we could find other work in a more pleasant environment we would?

  • What if you need the experience in the field you are working in but the only person that hired you in that field is the worst boss you ever had. The only way to get a good company to hire you is to get more years In the field first. You look around for other jobs but have no real qualification in any other field and your town has no industrial anything. Total bed room community. Had 10 different bosses already so defiantly know what a good boss is like compared to the current scum of the earth.

  • F*** no
    dont quit! This c*** up above.

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