I've been asked out before, and I've had guys confess their attraction toward me before, but I always turn them down.
I might like this boy and it's evident he likes me, too. But I'm afraid of him asking me out, or confessing to me.

Because I don't want any of my first dates, first kisses or first boyfriends to be horrible and I'm afraid that they will be horrible.

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  • by d time u realise tat ur ready for ur FIST bf,kiss,hug,etc,etc it will be too late..take chances so tat u will never regret in ur life tat "i wish i had...."

  • I completely understand. I've been in the same situation of liking a guy, but being afraid to take it to the next step. The problem is, is if you never take make it to be something more, then your evenutally going to lose this guy. And if not him, maybe someone you care about more. Try it! Worst case, its so-so, and you have the experience under your belt for when you meet someone better. :) Good luck

  • No risk, no reward. There is a chance that your first dates, first kisses, and first boyfriends may not live up to your fantasies. In fact, my own first kiss, date, and boyfriend were all kind of eh, or worse. But, I have had some amazing (and some incredibly awful) kisses, dates, and boyfriends since then. You've got to start somewhere.

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