I hate my new school

This is my 10th grade year at school, and i'm now starting it at my 8th school. This new school I'm going to is horrible and I do mean horrible. I don't get any phone service and it's full of country kids. All the people at my school dress and look the same, and then there's me. I stick out like a sore thumb.
The school I attended last year was close to perfect, in my opinion. I got along with everyone and had good friends and teachers. Now, I feel like a complete outcast.
They even all talk differently than me. I'm from the city and they are all from the country and suburbs. Some people give me weird looks when I talk because they don't understand any of the s*** I'm saying.
Even though it's only been over a week since school started, I can tell it's going to be a horrible year.

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  • You should be glad to be in school,getting an Education is the most importent thing in your life.Get your high school done.and make your life work for you and only you.

  • You can turn that around and become popular. Most of those country kids dream of visiting the city, you could be their friend and tell them what the city is like and tell them about all other cool stuff.

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