I've never had one good relationship with a guy. For one reason or another, I'm not good enough. I'm not pretty enough, I'm not smart enough, I'm not good enough in bed, i have a horrible sense of humor... I'm wondering if i should give up on guys and try my hand at dating other girls.
(Please note that i am not saying all men are horrible, pigs, sexist, etc. This is from my own personal experiences).

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  • Lol what makes you think the cause was you? Maybe you were fine as f*** and the guys were either too dumb or too blind. Plus f*** everyone here. They think all relationsip problem from being bi or gay. Dumb f****.

  • Keep trying boys and girls u wil find what you want

  • Is he a Cancer? Most Cancer males are horrible. They suck the life out of you. One minute they're nice, next they're moody and treating you like s***. Then kiss your ass. Then repeat. F*** that!

    I'm in the same boat as you. I'm almost 40 and I'm not giving up just because older men want the younger girls. If I don't find anyone, so be it. I'm educated, I landed a great job, and I only surround myself with positive people.

  • You're so inspiring! Kudos to you, girl!

  • Girls also have standards.

  • I don't think that's the point. Everyone has standards. People just need to agree on them. The person who posted this confession clearly doesn't understand that.

  • Let me tell you something from my experience.. Am 29 years old, was in a relationship with a guy for 4 years and i was never enough. We broke up couple of times and got back together again because i loved him until one day I decided that's I can't take it anymore. Thats when i started to breathe, i looked after myself and guess what he came back begging me not once or twice but so many times! But i made it very clear that I've been hearing that alot from you and no changes so please stop this is final. And now what, i found the one who can really take care of me and accepts me for who i am and been together for 5 years now. Don't be mad or upset, some guys are not worth it. You don't need a guy to feel good about yourself. When the time is right he will be there waiting and am sure you'll look back at all your previous relationships and say " I can't believe i was that stupid to date a guy like him". Just give it some time..

  • Panda panda panda!!!! Panda......yeah k so listen as random as that just was, you know what a bad guy is, douchbags? You know what. Douchbag is, you be talking to one right now lol, true but just find a good respectful guy, I open any doors for women, date guys like that, and don't ever sleep With a guy on the first date, you know how many women have tried that and I told them to get the f*** out of my's not cute, I'll I'm thinking is damn didn't she just see my friend? Yeah bye hye

  • Men and women are different and your take on things will depend on your attitude and approch to things. For example I saw a video on s** abuse on youtube that said by the time a girl is 16 that boys will have tried to put their hands down her pants. Abuse or just that's the way they are? The take depends on how you view things.

    A woman married for 20 years and popping out some kids tends to loose interest in s** does she stop having s** with her husband because she no longer enjoys it or does she do it as a gift to her husband.

  • Same. But hey, if you wanna try a girl, then go for it! It sounds like you are a young woman, so i recon you have lots of time to sort this out. Best of luck!

  • (Continuing) Don't date boys, date men...but now wait does that mean I'm a man because I'm 26??? No, it sounds like your just dating the wrong guys. If you like v***** go for it, but it's not like a new hobby you can just pick up silly. Honestly if you saw me you would be like omg, he's cute. And that's not me being cocky that's me being a realist. So what have we learned??? Your beautiful either on the inside, outside, or both. Your beauty and outer beauty are two separate things, and even though I'm handsome I'm don't pick guys based on appearance only because if they arnt happy you won't be. And above all honey, if he doesn't treat you like a princess and just wants s**, tell him to f*** off. You deserve so much more than you know, f*** these f*** boi's date a good man that won't cheat and lie and loves you for you

  • Lol I'm way to honest with this s***, works well. You girls just are dating the wrong guys in all honestly. All my ex's I never f***** on the first date.....wellllll almost, idk anyways I know society teaches men just want to F()CK and honestly we do but that doesn't mean you have to, if he doesn't spend time with you that day you know that's all he wanted so don't give t to him next time and expect him to want you, honestly I have never had a single gay thought in my life, gay s*** comes out of my mouth but PC term I think now is lame. But try to experience s** with a female, if you like it cool, just be yourself. That's all that matters. Treat her like you would want to be treated. And most of get it!!! Oh wait....different talk....;)

  • Guys that aren't like me, I love how on my day off I'm doing this stupid s***

  • Dont listen to people on here, some may have good advice and some may not. You want to know the truth, All men are savages, including my cute ass. I used to be the sweetest guy, know what changed. Turning 24 and being stepped on and my heart broken over and over.

  • Old guy here. I'm looking for a new wife

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